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Gal Gadot Is New Wonder Woman??? - AMC Movie News

Today Warner Bros and Zack Snyder have officially told us that not only will we see Wonder Woman in Man Of Steel 2 but she has been cast ... tags: AMC_movie_newsAMC_Movie_TalkErin_DarlingFast_and_FuriousGal_GadotJohn_CampeaJon_Schnepp

Could Anyone From UFC Be The Next Jet Li Or Jackie Chan? - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Shot at studio in Hollywood CA User Submitted Question Kyle Cox writes Hows it going amc movie talk. This ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkAmirose_EisenbachAnderson_SilvaCaptain_AmericaDwayne_JohnsonErin_Darling

Chris Cooper May No Longer Be Green Goblin In THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 - AMC Movie News

More Clips Shot at studio in Hollywood CA A few days ago this image made its way online showing a new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkAmirose_EisenbachChris_CooperDane_DeHaanErin_DarlingGreen_Goblin

Transformers 4: Optimus Prime Redesigned - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Shot at Empire Magazine has just released a sneak peak at cover of their January issue which features the cast ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkAmirose_EisenbachDennis_TzengdynobotsErin_DarlingJohn_Campea

JUNGLE BOOK & ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2 Get Release Dates - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Disney has just announced the release dates for 2 of its upcoming fantasy film. A JUNGLE BOOK and ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2. Buy ... tags: Alice_in_WonderlandAMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkDennis_TzengDisneyErin_DarlingFantasy

Did George Lucas begin with Star Wars Episode IV - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Shot at studio User Submitted Question Daniel Matthews writes Hi everyone, love the show. I was wondering if I ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkDennis_TzengErin_DarlingGeorge_LucasJohn_CampeaStar_Wars

Scorcese's WOLF OF WALL STREET Keeps 3 Hour Run Time - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Shot at studio We have all been curious to see if Martin Scorsese would keep his 3 hour film 'The Wolf of Wall ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkAmirose_EisenbachCasinoDavid_LynchDennis_TzengErin_Darling

The Joker & Harley Quinn in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES? - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Shot at studio in Hollywood CA User Submitted Question David Small writes I always wondered how the 3rd movie in ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkBatmanChristopher_NolanDennis_TzengErin_DarlingHarley_Quinn

SPIDER-MAN Universe growing - Venom? AMC Movie News

Shot at More Clips Sony Pictures teased expanding their Spider-Man film universe Buy movie tickets, get theatre and showtime ... tags: AMC_Movie_News-AMC_Movie_TalkAmy_PascalAvengersBlack_CatDennis_TzengErin_Darling

First Glimpse of New Godzilla? - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Shot at Is it possible we caught our first glimpse of the new Godzilla from Gareth Edwards' film, before it was ... tags: AmazonAMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkDennis_TzengErin_DarlingGodzillaJohn_Campea

Will a TRUE LIES 2 Help Arnold's Career? - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Mail Bag Question Michael Jones writes Hey guys love the show and can't get enough of it. The other day you all discussed if ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkArnold_SchwarzeneggerErin_Darlingescape_planfast_and_furiousjames_cameron

Don Cheadle To Make Directorial Debut with Kill the Trumpet Player - AMC Movie News

Don Cheadle will star in and makes his directorial debut with the story of Miles Davis, Kill the Trumpet Player. With a cast that includes ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkAmirose_EisenbachDon_CheadleErin_DarlingEwan_McGregorHotel_Rwanda