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Spain's Biggest Baby Weighs in at 13 lbs., 11 oz.

Forty-year-old Maxime Marin delivered the baby girl, her fourth child, without an epidural. tags: babyepiduralgirlMarinMaximenewbornnews

BIG BABY!: Mom Delivers 13lb 7oz Baby... Naturally!

British born Maxine Marin gave birth to a thirteen pound seven ounce baby without an epidural in Spain. The doctor said in his 40 years of ... tags: 13epiduralmaxinemccartymelissanewsbreakerora

TV3 - Telenotícies - Alerta amb els tatuatges

Els tatuatges a la zona lumbar poden donar problemes a l'hora d'aplicar l'epidural en els parts i d'altres operacions.nbsp tags: CatalunyaEpiduralInformatiusmedulaoperacionspartTatoos

Your Birthing Plan

Planning how and when your little one comes into the world is a big part of giving birth. Let's look at some common birthing options. tags: amniotic_fluidbirthbirthing_ballbirthing_centerbirthing_locationbirthing_planbirth_canal

Handling the Hospital Pre-Birth

About 90-percent of women have their delivery in a hospital setting. Here's help for handling the experience as you prep for the birth of ... tags: caesarean_sectioncervical_dilation:_fetusepiduralgive_birthHealth_Videohospital_birthlabor_and_delivery:_Health

Epidural Steroid Injections

If you like this animation, LIKE us on Facebook This 3D medical animation begins with a detailed ... tags: 3danimationartbackbackbonebacksbone

Everything Epidurals

If you want a way to reduce the pain of labor, delivery, and childbirth, an epidural may be just what you're looking for. You may also want ... tags: birthchildbirthdeliveryepiduralepiduralslaborpainful_childbirth

Medication and Breathing

It's no secret Having a baby hurts Luckily, there are a plethora of ways to deal with pain, from medications to breathing techniques. tags: anesthesiabirthbirthing_painbirth_canalbirth_painbradley_methodbreathing_through_labor

Delivery and a Midwife

Don't want your delivery to be with a traditional doctor You might want to consider an ancient alternative The midwife. tags: childbirthcsectionepiduralfetusHealth_Videolabor_and_deliverylabor_delivery

Delivery and a Doula

Does your partner faint at the sight of blood Or are you going this alone Either way, a doula may be just the helper you need during ... tags: birthing_doulachildbirthcsectiondoula_midwifedoula_servicesepiduralfetus

How the Epidural Injection Procedure Works

Epidurals are commonly associated with labor although are used widely in other medical procedures and the treatment of chronic pain, ... tags: backEpiduralepidural_injectionEpidural_Injection_Procedureepidural_needleepidural_pain_reliefepidural_side_effects

Reagan's Epidural

Watch Reagan's loopy, hilarious pre-labor monologue tags: AvaCalvinChrisChristina_ApplegateComedyepiduralMaya_Rudolph