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Environmental Protection Videos by Popular

West Virginia chemical spill leaves thousands without tap water

In the United States, up to 300,000 people in West Virginia have spent a night without tap water after a chemical spill into the Elk ... tags: chemicalEnvironmental_protectionleavesspilltapUSAVirginia

Eco-friendly alternative to jet-ski and an intelligent farming robot

Its designer says its a new, eco-friendly version of the jet-ski. The electric surfboard runs on batteries and, according to its ... tags: alternativeandAustraliaEnvironmental_protectionfarmingFranceintelligent

Himalayan brown bears now critically endangered

Once found in large numbers in northern Pakistan, the Himalayan brown bear is now a critically endangered species. Only small populations ... tags: AnimalsbearsbrowncriticallyendangeredEnvironmental_protectionHimalayan

Thousands protest Western Australia catch-and-kill shark cull plan

Thousands of people held protests in Melbourne and Perth on Saturday. They called on the government of Western Australia WA to abandon or ... tags: AnimalsAnimal_rightsAustraliacatch-and-killcullEnvironmental_protectionProtest

Air, Fire and Water

Teaching people about the elements isnt necessarily obvious but is vital in order that humans can make the best use of natures gifts. ... tags: AirandChileEcologyEducationEnvironmental_protectionFire

Nuclear train derails near Paris

A train carrying nuclear waste derailed on Monday night not far from the French capital.The incident happened at a depot 10 km from ... tags: derailsEnvironmental_protectionFrancenearNuclearNuclear_accidentsParis

MEPs reject bottom-fishing ban

MEPs have voted to reject a ban on bottom-fishing trawlers, which environmentalists say lead to the destruction of the deep-sea.The ... tags: banbottom-fishingEnvironmental_protectionEU_ParliamentFisheryMEPsreject

Gas company plans to help non-gas customers

Vermont Gas Systems' officials announce an expansion of the Addison-Rutland Natural Gas project that they say will benefit those who use ... tags: addison-rutland_natural_gas_projectalternative_energydon_gilbertenergy_efficiencyenvironmental_protectionvermont_gas_systemsvermont_public_service_board

Russia: US captain of Greenpeace ship granted bail

The American captain of a Greenpeace ship used in an Arctic protest has been granted bail by a Russian court as hearings continue. Peter ... tags: ActivismbailcaptainEnvironmental_protectiongrantedGreenpeaceJustice

Russia bails more Greenpeace activists

The first of the so-called Arctic 30 Greenpeace activists has walked free on bail. Brazilian Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel smiled and was ... tags: activistsbailsEnvironmental_protectionGreenpeacemoreRussia

Greenpeace protester released on bail in Russia

Brazilian Greenpeace activist Ana Paula Maciel has become the first of the so-called Arctic 30 to be released from pre-trial detention in ... tags: bailEnvironmental_protectionGreenpeaceJusticeprotesterreleasedRussia

Forecasting air pollution

The average person breathes in 14 kilograms of air every day. With every lungful, we inhale vital oxygen, but also small amounts of ... tags: airAir_safetyEnvironmental_protectionForecastingPollution