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Re: POLICE bust Davidsfarm , part 2 of 3

Davidsfarm channel in trouble with the LAW What started it Jealousy ex-girlfriend conspiracy He's running a lucrative ... tags: bilawsbustedbylawcarscopcopsDavidsfarm

Re: POLICE bust Davidsfarm for unlawful YOUTUBE activity , part 3 of 3

01/02/12 Davidsfarm channel in trouble with the LAW What is Davidsfarm being accused of breaking the law the ordinances car ... tags: bilawsbustedbylawcarscopcopsDavidsfarm

Encouragment for Perseverance, Determination ~

Good advice for reaching your goals Perseverance, also persistance. Be consistent and determined But do I take my own ... tags: attitudeconsciousnessdeterminationentertainmentgiantmicrocandymysterey1perseverance

MysterEy1 aka "Myster Ey" w- Robert-Milby poet Collab. Storyteller

originally titled The American Dream is in Virtual Reality Greetings. A brief welcome from your friendly neighborhood YouTube producer if ... tags: andrea pacione entertainmentgiant Ey interview Myster robert milbyandrea pacione

Attacking Old religion has no Purpose for the Higher-minded

Taking a stab at atheism and such. as well as putting religion into its place. The spirit is where the truth is Gnosis, mystical, real. and ... tags: enlightenment entertainmentgiant Evlog Ey God materialist Mr.Ey Rocks Like An Earthquake

Crazy Mr.Ey and Myzzty on Seeking the Ideal Woman (intro) ~

remix.. I was not joking. Love ya Personal ad for Mr.E's ideal woman. She has to be perfect. Applicants are encouraged to send vital info ... tags: almighty Christ compatibilityavailable entertainmentgiant funny ideal ISO

Violence on Video: Florida-teen-beating vs Palestine Middle East conflict

Opening up a discussion with the community on a very controversial and dramatic subject. What is violence How can we put it into ... tags: antichrist arrest beating drama entertainmentgiant florida teen beating israel

(crazy Vlog) Did u have a Bad Day, surrounded by Stupid People ~

from the harsh side of a presidential candidate 'STUPIDITY - I will eradicate it' Would you vote for this man Peter Appleseed is running ... tags: appleseed dumb entertainmentgiant evotelution gerolsteiner-water peter presidency

(remix my 1st upload) The American Dream becoming Virtual Reality ~

remix of my first-ever Upload. Greetings. A brief welcome from your friendly neighborhood YouTube producer if he IS who he says he is... ... tags: entertainmentgiant greetings holographic mr.ey mysterey1 videosharing virtual reality

Happy Rosh Hashanah 2011 = 5772 REMIX 1st ever "Naked VLOG" ~

Remixed this for the upcoming Rosh Hashanah H'ag Same'ach Learn about the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. ... Rosh Hashanah occurs on the ... tags: abraham Aramaic entertainmentgiant Equinox Hebrew Islam Israel

YouTube Public Awareness (part 1) remix1 ~

People answer the basic question Do you know about YouTube Originally Uploaded by MysterEy1 on Sep 16, 2006 This is a re-issue, REMIX... At ... tags: beginnings of youtube entertainmentgiant interviews mysterey1 new york city numa numa peter-appleseed