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Concentration & Awareness

- Anandmurti Gurumaa differentiates between Concentration and awareness.nbsp tags: anandmurtiawarenessconcentrationenlightenedgurugurumaaindian

Effects of Improper Meditation and Chanting Mantra

Question Gurumaa Ji, If someone is NOT doing Meditation properly or correctly, could it bring negative effects on him or her For example, ... tags: anandmurtichantingenlightenedgurumaaindianmantrameditation

How ordinary person can finds easy to believe in what Gurus preach?

Gurumaa Ji, we all know during Mahabharat Lord Krishna tells Arjun to Fight and kill the enemies even if they are his relatives etc. ... tags: ashramdeathenlightenedgurumakrishnalifelord

Key to transcend the ego within

I would like to know from where does the ego come When I am born, I have ego. My understanding is, society or parents give you a name they ... tags: buddhaegoenlightenedgurumaaindianmastermasters

I do not have peace of mind despite all riches of world. Please guide.

My father asked that by and large God has given me everything what I prayed for but peace of mind is still illusory for me. Why Please ... tags: ancientashramenlightenedindianmastersmindpeace

Right Spiritual Guidance in older Age

My mother is 71. She asked, in spiritual, physical and social areas, what sort of activity she should be engaged in at this stage.Gurumaa ... tags: ageanandmurtianddivineenlightenedgraceindian

What is meaning of sheel, samadhi & pragya?

Q What is meaning of sheel, samadhi pragya A Sheel means Sheelata, cool, composed mind. Samadhi means the point of total absorption of ... tags: consciousnessenlightenedhighermastersonlinequestionssamadhi

Is it important to seek physical presence of a Guru?

Q Being a married and working lady, I hardly get any opportunity to do the spiritual practice in the physical presence of the Guru. But I ... tags: enlightenedgurugurumaainnerintuitionsintuitivemaster

How do I quit Smoking?

Q I am a devotee of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj. I believe in him a lot. I was in bad company and have developed the habit of ... tags: ashrambadenlightenedgurumaahabitshowmaster

How to recognise whether we are struggling on right path?

Q Dear Gurumaa Greetings I want to ask - struggle is inherent in any human being's life. How to recognise whether we are struggling on the ... tags: balanceddifficultenlightenedgurumaahowlifelive

Right way of bringing up your children-2

Gurumaa talks about the mysterious phenomenon of birth and conception of a baby. She throws light on how children should be given the ... tags: adhyatmaaurbringingchildrenenlightenedgrahstagurumaa