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Camera as the Eye of God (classic remix1) ~

remixed... mystical technology eye of God. Or as Chris stated 'The God Camera' tags: 1entertainmentgiant cameras documentary elementalkemy Ey eye eye of God

Hooters Girl talks about Her Life & Expecting a Baby ~

Interview, pregnant waitress. Hooters is a chain of places to eat and see the sights. Their logo sports an owl with Big ... tags: "pregnantappearancebabesbarclubconfused"dining

Computer head enters Twilight Zone eraserhead ~

That's the ComputerHead getting erased. As it enters the twilight Zone Gaaahhhh geek twilight zone computerhead computer ... tags: "twilightcomputercomputerheadelementalkemyeraserheadgeeklaughing

Mystical Mix in Classic MysterEy1 Surrealism ~

What is the reality behind the candy coating Who are you Identity is illusion. PerhapsMeditate. Contemplate. Ponder on it. tags: Dalielementalkemyentertainmentgiantfunnymeditationmysterey1mystical

Music & Nature original Composition Alchemy eg2 ~

Unique meditative eerie haunting sounds trippy psychedelic beauty nature mysterey1 elementalkemy foliage textures fractal ... tags: beautyelementalkemyfoliagefractalmorphingmysterey1nature

Monkey Tribe climbing Trees acting dope ~

What is he on Is he high as a kite No he is high in the tree. monkey treeclimbing tree climber forest recreation camping ... tags: 1shylahcampingclimberelementalkemyforesthighhiking

Valentine's Day cookies ~

This is a teaser. For the full video, Click the link at the end or the link here.We are kicking off a new series on COOKING.The ... tags: bakingcookiescookingdatingdayelementalkemyfruit

Polynesian Diet How to do a Coconut ~

Has winter gotten you down Try some tropical fruit to brighten you up. Coconut is one of the best Fry it in a pan, stir fry with mango or ... tags: axebreakingcoconutcookingcrackdietelementalkemy

Bowling Night Out ~

Take the skinheads bowling, take them bowlingline from a Camper Van Beethovan song. bowling bowl sport fun shoes toddler ... tags: bowlbowlingelementalkemyentertainmentgiantfunshoessport

Memory Weeping Passion ~

Many issues arise, delusion or not, as one embarks on the path of HEALING. With love we can heal. In the purest and most holy way.Explore ... tags: bismalacryingelementalkemykyyboalovemysterey1myzzty