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White House Slaps Down Report of Cut Military Aid to Egypt

When CNN reported Tuesday evening that the U.S. would cut all military aid to Egypt, the White House responded within .

Horrific Monster Truck Accident Caught on Camera - The Philip DeFranco Show

In today's show we talk about ruining your human legacy, Scarlett Johansson sexiest woman alive, reviews of the movie Gravity, and ...

Egypt Frees Two Canadians Detained in Cairo Clashes

Egyptian authorities have released two Canadian men held for seven weeks without charges.

At Least 28 Dead After Egypt Celebration Turns Violent

At least 28 people were killed during the 40th anniversary celebration of the 1973 Yom Kippur War with Israel.

Egypt Ex-President Morsi to Stand Trial for Inciting Murder

The former ruler has been charged with inciting violence in the December 2012 protests in which seven people were killed.

Egypt's ElBaradei Charged With Betraying 'National Trust'

The Nobel Peace Prize winner resigned from his post as vice president last week in protest of a military crackdown. tags: cairoegyptegypt_crisisegypt_violenceElBaradeiElBaradei_chargedmohamed_elbarade

A Homecoming For US Students Jailed in Egypt

Three students accused of joining protesters in Egypt and throwing firebombs are being sent back to their families in the US. tags: american_studentsEgyptegypt_prisonersEgypt_protestsegypt_violencefirebombfirebombing

A Homecoming for US Students Jailed in Egypt

Three U.S. students, arrested in Egypt for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails, were released Saturday. tags: american_studentsegyptegypt_prisonersegypt_protestsegypt_violencefirebombfirebombing

Egyptian Protesters Clash With Police In Tahrir Square

The spotlight is back on Tahrir Square after Egyptian protesters clash with riot police a week away from parliamentary elections. tags: cairoegypt_militaryegypt_newsEgypt_protestsEgypt_riotsegypt_violencehosni_mubarek

'Conspiracy' Suggested in Cairo Clashes

A protest over the destruction of a church in Southern Egypt turned bloody as the army intervened. tags: christianitycoptic_christiansegypt_electionsegypt_newsegypt_protestegypt_religionegypt_violence

Newsy Now: October 10 (GMT 1600)

New violence in Egypt Netflix quits Qwikster iPhone 4S setlling out U.S. gov't seeks Wikileaks volunteer emails listeria death roll rises. tags: andegypt_protestsegypt_violenceiphone_4s_saleslisterialisteria_deathnetflix