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Campus Protests In Egypt Turn Deadly

Backers of the Muslim Brotherhood set fire to campus buildings at a university in Cairo, according to Egyptian state TV. tags: cairo_universitydemonstrations_egypegypt_clashesegypt_protestsmuslim_brotherhood_supportersmuslim_brotherhood_terorristterrorism_egypt

Egypt Reverses 11-Year Sentence For 21 Female Protesters

Female protesters in Egypt originally condemned to 11 years in prison had their sentence commuted by an appeals court. tags: egyptegypt_crackdownegypt_protestsfemale_protestersmiddle_eastmohamed_morsipro-morsi

Egypt Passes Harsh New Anti-Protest Law

Adly Mansour signed a law that bans public gatherings of more than 10 people without police approval and authorizes the use of force on ... tags: adly_mansouregyptegypt_protestsmiddle_eastmorsimubarakmuslim_brotherhood

Egypt Frees Two Canadians Detained in Cairo Clashes

Egyptian authorities have released two Canadian men held for seven weeks without charges.

At Least 28 Dead After Egypt Celebration Turns Violent

At least 28 people were killed during the 40th anniversary celebration of the 1973 Yom Kippur War with Israel.

Egypt Court Orders Hosni Mubarak Freed

Prosecutors have 48 hours to decide whether they will appeal the court's decision to release former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. tags: court_rulingsegyptegypt_protestsex-president_mubarakhosni_mubarakmubarakmubaraks_release

Hosni Mubarak Released From Egyptian Prison

The overthrown Egyptian president was released after the court found he could no longer legally be held before having a retrial. tags: court_rulingsegyptegypt_protestsex-president_mubarakhosni_mubarakmubarakmubaraks_release

Pro-Democracy NGO Offices Raided by Egyptian Military

On Thursday, Egyptian security forces stormed the offices of 17 human rights and pro-democracy NGOs across the country. One NGO worker was ... tags: analysisbbcconversationearlyeconomyegyptianelectionsegyptianmilitary

Thousands of Women Protest Army Violence in Egypt

In what historians said was the largest demonstration by women in generations, thousands of Egyptian women marched Tuesday against their ... tags: analysisarabspringbbcconversationearlyeconomyegypt

A Homecoming For US Students Jailed in Egypt

Three students accused of joining protesters in Egypt and throwing firebombs are being sent back to their families in the US. tags: american_studentsEgyptegypt_prisonersEgypt_protestsegypt_violencefirebombfirebombing