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Islamist students have set fire to two buildings

An Egyptian group of students, loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood have set fire to two buildings in Cairo amid clashes with police. Report by ... tags: Al-Azhar_universitycairoegypt_protestIslamist_students_have_set_fire_to_two_buildingsnewsprotestset_fire

Learn About the History of the Arab Spring

When a Tunisian street vendor set himself on fire to protest government corruption, he started a widespread series of uprisings. WatchMojo ... tags: AbidineAliHistoryArabarab_springBenEffectEgypt_protest

Raw Video: Street Clashes in Tahrir Square

After three days of violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Tahrir Square, protesters showed no signs of giving up the ... tags: Associated PressAssociatedegypt_protestPress

Raw Video: Clashes in Egypt

Police are clashing for a third day in Cairo's central Tahrir Square with stone-throwing protesters demanding the country's military rulers ... tags: egypt_protest

Egyptian Army, Protesters Clash in Tahrir Square

Dozens of people are dead as the Egyptian army uses tear gas and rubber bullets to drive protesters from Cairo's Tahrir square. Protesters ... tags: egypt_protest

'Conspiracy' Suggested in Cairo Clashes

A protest over the destruction of a church in Southern Egypt turned bloody as the army intervened. tags: christianitycoptic_christiansegypt_electionsegypt_newsegypt_protestegypt_religionegypt_violence

Vídeo de la violencia en la plaza Tahrir de Egipto

Por segundo da consecutivo en la capital egipcia se producen enfrentamientos entre la polica y manifestantes, que salieron a las calles ... tags: CairoCairo_riotschoquechoquesclashesconsecutivodemo

Empire - Democracy in the Arab World: A new dawn

Will the despots of the region be able to restore their authority through bribes and belated concessions tags: aljazeeraDemocracy_Arab_worldEgypt_protestempireempireprogMarwan_BisharaNews

Egypt Burning - The fall of Mubarak

As the calls for regime change move into their third week, Egyptians have broken down the barrier of fear. Cracks between the protesters ... tags: aljazeeraEgypt_BurningEgypt_democracyEgypt_protestEgypt_revolutionHosni_MubarakNews

After the Revolt: Morning video of Tahrir Square after two-week stand-off

The Egyptian military has started removing barricades at Tahrir square, despite there still being thousands thronging what was the ... tags: Cairo_protestdemodemonstrationEgypt_armyEgypt_MubarakEgypt_protestHosni_Mubarak

America's News HQ

Egypt's stability rocked again as President Mubarak announces he would address protestors - and possibly reveal his future plans tags: EgyptEgyptian_President_MubarakEgypt_protestNews_and_InformationOmar_SuleimanPresident_ObamaWhite_House

Fri, Feb 11, 2011

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak steps down and turns over control to the military after weeks of unrest and pro-democracy protests in the ... tags: EgyptEgyptian_President_MubarakEgypt_protestNews_and_InformationPresident_ObamaWhite_House