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Ed Miliband Videos - 3 by Popular

Mail won't back down over Miliband

By Tom LeeseThe Daily Mail has made clear it is not backing down in its battle with Ed Miliband over its denunciation of his late father, ...

MEDIAWATCH - The Daily Mail - the paper that hated Britain?

Marine Le Pen tells journalists she no longer wants to be associated with the 'far-right' while the French press mulls over her spike in ...

Clegg joins attack on Daily Mail

Nick Clegg has hit out at the Daily Mail - accusing the newspaper of 'overflowing with bile' about modern Britain. Report by Fosterso. Like ...

Clegg defends Miliband in Daily Mail row

By McAvaney NickThe Mail on Sunday has 'unreservedly' apologised to Ed Miliband after an uninvited reporter went to a private memorial ...

UN Å'IL SUR LES MÉDIAS - Miliband contre le Daily Mail

En Grande Bretagne, une violente polmique oppose un homme politique et un journal fort tirage. Au Venezuela, Hugo Chavez est revenu ...

Ed Miliband "appalled" at Daily Mail father article

Labour leader Ed Miliband has attacked the Daily Mail for claiming his late Marxist academic father 'hated Britain'. Report by Fudgea. Like ...

Ed Miliband: Labour would freeze energy prices

Ed Miliband says household energy prices will be frozen for two years if Labour wins the next election. Report by Brownl. Like us on ...

Ed Miliband: Labour is the party for small business

Ed Miliband says Labour is the party for small businesses, in a speech at the party's annual conference in Brighton. Report by Brownl. Like ...

Miliband: Britain can do better

By Leanne RinneEd Miliband said his mantra was that 'Britain can do better than this' - comparing it with the emotion that had powered ...

Harman: Labour will get Britain building again

By Charlotte PammentDeputy Labour leader Harriet Harman said the policy would help young people who cannot afford to move out of their ...

Damian McBride defends memoirs

Labour's former spin doctor Damian McBride defends his memoirs, saying he doesn't think the book will damage Ed Miliband's election ...

Unions in warning to Miliband

By Charlotte PammentIn a short debate on the opening day of the party's annual conference in Brighton, leader Ed Miliband was told that ...