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Tax subsidies versus cash subsidies

Megan McArdle is a columnist for Bloomberg View and author of The Up Side of Down. She tells Wonkblog, 'Giving someone an incentive to buy ... tags: basic_incomeBloomergeconomicsEzra_Kleinjobslabor_forceMegan_McArdle

'Most people want to be like everybody else'

Max Sawicky is an assistant director at the U.S. Government Accountability Office. He spoke on his own behalf and not his employeraposs at ... tags: basic_incomeeconomicsEzra_Kleinguaranteed_basic_incomeMax_SawickyMax_Speaksuniversal_basic_income

'Pass the popcorn,' Switzerland's proposed basic income

Megan McArdle is a columnist for Bloomberg View and the author of The Up Side of Down. She spoke at Wonkblogaposs debate titled 'Guaranteed ... tags: basic_incomebasic_universal_incomeBloombergBUIeconomicsEzra_KleinMegan_McArdle

Is giving everyone a check a good idea?

Mike Konczal is a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute and author of the Rortybomb blog. He spoke at the Wonkblog debate 'Guaranteed Income ... tags: basic_incomeeconomicsEzra_KleinMike_KonczalRortybombUBIuniversal_basic_income

THE INTERVIEW - Åke Sellström and Maurizio Barbeschi, authors of the UN report on chemical ...

A UN report published last week confirmed chemical weapons were used on several occasions during the ongoing conflict in Syria. Jessica Le ... tags: affairschemical_weaponsculturecurrentdiplomacyeconomicsexclusive


A weekly interview with a personality from the world of economics, presented by Markus Karlsson. On Fridays at 08.45 PM. tags: BUSINESScompanyeconomicsexchangefrance24KarlssonMarkus

German government's plans and Europe's economy - What's next? | Made in Germany

That's the topic we'll explore with Claudia M. Buch, Economic Adviser and President of the Halle Institute for Economic Research IWH.More ... tags: agreementBuchClaudiacoalitiondeutschedweconomics

Hitmeister - Is it the better Amazon? | Made in Germany

Online shopping is a competitive business, and Amazon controls about a quarter of the German market. But now a German company is edging its ... tags: deutschedweconomicsfairnessgeraldgermanyhitmeister

The Share Game - Schoolkids playing the market | Made in Germany

The DAX is soaring, but most Germans remain risk-averse and are staying away from stock trading or buying shares. But not these kids. With ... tags: bankscompetitiondeutschedweconomicsESBGEuropean

THE INTERVIEW - Mamadou Diouf, Director of Columbia University's Institute for African Studies

Millions of South Africans have paid their final respects to the man who unified their nation. But today, more than 20 years after the end ... tags: affairsapartheidculturecurrentdiplomacyeconomicsexclusive

THE INTERVIEW - Ahmed Bin Mohammed al Saidi, Omani Health Minister

Almost 1,000 health experts and policy makers recently gathered at the inaugural World Innovation Summit for Health WISH in Doha. On the ... tags: affairsculturecurrentdiplomacyeconomicsexclusivefrance24

THE INTERVIEW - Paul-Simon Handy, Research Director of the Institute for Security Studies in ...

Can South Africa live up to Nelson Mandelas legacy Can a nation plagued by growing inequality and corruption, where white families earn six ... tags: affairsapartheidculturecurrentdiplomacyeconomicsexclusive