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How does the Internet generation tick? | Made in Germany

How does the Internet generation tick How are these young people changing the working world and how are German companies responding We ... tags: BühlerBITCOMdeutschedweconomicsgermanyin

What Are You Looking At? - Video Clips for the Masses | Made in Germany

When it comes to on-screen entertainment, the under-25 crowd looks to the Internet rather than the television. Young filmmakers post their ... tags: clicksdeutschedweconomicsfilmmakersgermanyin

Digital Youth - Entrepreneur Philipp Riederle | Made in Germany

Philipp Riederle is a digital native. The 19-year-old feels completely at home on the Internet for him, having a smartphone and a tablet is ... tags: consultantdeutscheDigitaldweconomicsgermanyin

THE INTERVIEW - Ghida Talal, Chairperson of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation

On the sidelines of The World Innovation Summit for Health that took place in Doha earlier this year, Olivia Salazar Winspear met Princess ... tags: affairscancerculturecurrentdiplomacyeconomicsexclusive

Cool Calculation - Frosta Profits from its Green Image | Made in Germany

In 2003, before Frosta began doing without flavor enhancers, preservatives, stabilizers, and the like, the company was in crisis. Its ... tags: deutschedweconomicsenhancerflavorfoodFrosta

Fairphone? An Attempt to Buy a Socially Responsible Cell Phone | Made in Germany

Obtaining fair trade clothing and groceries is no problem they're widely available. But what about fair IT equipment, like cell phones, ... tags: deutschedweconomicsfairFairphonegermanyin

What is socially responsible? | Made in Germany

What is socially responsible policy and how does it benefit companies We discuss these topics with Gerd Placke from the Bertelsmann ... tags: deutschedweconomicsgermanyinmadewelle

Betterplace - Donating by Mouse Click | Made in Germany

The Internet platform Betterplace makes it possible for anyone to launch a funding drive for his or her project with great transparency and ... tags: Betterplacedeutschedonatingdweconomicsfundinggermany

Learning from Goethe - dm Drugstore Founder Götz Werner | Made in Germany

Gtz Werner opened his first drugstore 40 years ago. Today dm is Europe's leading drugstore chain, with 44,000 employees and an annual ... tags: deutschedmdrugstoredweconomicsGötzgermany


A weekly interview with a personality from the world of economics, presented by Markus Karlsson. On Fridays at 08.45 PM. tags: BUSINESScompanyeconomicsexchangefrance24KarlssonMarkus

With a basic income, what's the incentive for low-wage work?

Megan McArdle is a columnist for Bloomberg View and author of The Up Side of Down. She spoke at a recent Wonkblog debate, titled ... tags: BloombergeconomicsEzra_KleinMegan_McArdleminimum_incomeuniversal_basic_incomewonkblog

Could a basic income be means tested?

Veronique de Rugy is a senior research fellow at George Mason Universityaposs Mercatus Center. She spoke at a Wonkblog debate, titled ... tags: basic_incomeeconomicsEzra_KleinGeorge_Mason_UniversityUBIuniversal_basic_incomeVeronique_de_Rugy