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How To Make Google Beatbox

Yes, it is very possible to get Google to lay down a slamming beat using only Google Translate, which can be found at tags: beatboxeaster_egggoogle_translatehow_to_make_google_beatboxphat_beats

How To Build The ICE STAFF Black ops 2 ORIGINS Tutorials Call of Duty APOCALYPSE Gameplay

How To Build The ICE STAFF Black ops 2 ORIGINS Tutorials Call of Duty APOCALYPSE Gameplay of all LIGHTNING, WIND, FIRE Call of Duty Black ...

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Doomsday's Death of Superman Costume Easter Egg

We found one of the coolest Easter Eggs in Injustice. Doomday's Death of Superman costume. Think it'll be DLC Let us know in the comments. tags: costumedoomsday-death-of-supermandoomsdays-death-of-superman-costumeeaster-egggamesguideinjustice-gods-among-us

Borderlands 2 Dark Souls Easter Egg

Check out the Dark Souls Easter Egg in Borderlands 2. Probably one of the coolest nods to one of the most difficult games ever. tags: borderlands-2borderlands-2-dark-souls-easter-eggborderlands-2-easter-eggdark-soulsdark-souls-easter-eggeaster-eggguide

Resident Evil 6 Walkthrough: Playground Easter Egg

A fun easter egg from the beginning of Chris, Piers, and Ada's chapter 3. tags: adachriseaster-eggpandapiersplaygroundsecret

Crysis 3 Easter Egg - Mushroom Trip

Check out what happens in Root of all Evil when you take the mushrooms. Trippy tags: crysis-3crysis-3-easter-eggeaster-egggamesguidemushroomsmushrooms-trip

MW3: zzirGrizz Mission Tutorial

Special thanks to Haxxta for helping with the tutorial Last winner Make sure to follow me on twitter ... tags: Call DutyCall Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3challengeCodeastereggknifeMission