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Temps fort : La grande Parade (Dunkerque) - Partie 1

Dunkerque capitale rgionale de la culture vous propose de replonger dans la grande histoire de la marine. A loccasion de la venue des plus ... tags: bagad_de_lann_bihouédunkerdunkerqueemission_spécialeEmission_spécialesfanfaresHistoires_en_nord

Il DUNK en sautant au dessus de tout le monde! ENORME... Le dunk de l'année.

Ce joueur de L'universit de Floride va caler un DUNK de l'espace En sautant au dessus de tout le monde. Le DUNK de l'anne

La mascotte de l'équipe de baskett-ball de Brooklyn va coincer le ballon en mettant un DUNK!

Du jamais vu en Basket-ball. La mascotte de Brooklyn va coincer le ballon en dunkant... Impressionnant. La NBA c'est vraiment un autre ...

I am a dunker

Clip ralis par Clement Martin pour le titre 'I am a dunker' du groupe 'Donkey Dunkers' tags: ambasketclementclipdonkeydunkerdunkers

TFB::DUNKS:: D-Leagues Terrico White 6'4" WARM UP DUNKS .. 2013 NBA DUNK CHAMPION?!

Follow us on Twitter Here's some extra dunks from our 1st session with Terrico White who is now playing for the Idaho ... tags: AlleyamazingAnd1BallbestbrothersCarter

The BEST Dunker In The World Kenny Dobbs Puttin' Down Some CRAZY Dunks

Check out 6'3' Kenny 'KD' Dobbs doing nearly every dunk you can possibly think of in his latest video as he makes his last push during the ... tags: alivebackballislifebehindbestbothbrothers

Kenny Dobbs Impresses LeBron James, Wins The Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown!!

Check out the re-cap of the 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk showdown featuring Kenny Dobbs, Kasper, Jonsey and Airdogg. Kenny Dobbs came out the ... tags: ballislifebestblakecartercontestdobbsdunk

6'3" Kenny Dobbs 2 Ball Windmill OVER Someone + 360 Eastbay OVER Someone!! BEST Dunker In The WORLD!

Check out the BEST dunker in the world, Kenny Dobbs with 2 INSANE never before seen dunks as he gets ready for the Sprite Slam Dunk ... tags: 360airballislifebeforeBestbetweencarter

TFB::Dunks::Terrico White 1 of the BEST DUNKERS in the NBA (Warm Up Session)

Follow us on twitter You can buy your APL's to help you jump higher at Check out ... tags: AlleyamazingAnd1BallbestBostonbrothers

TFB::Dunks:: Kasper SICK Practice Session (Eastbay,540,Reverse Psychology,Lob Windmill over Person)

Follow us on twitter Here a session we haven't put out of our guy Kasper, He is one of the few guys in the 'Dunk Game' that ... tags: AlleyAmazingAnd1BallbamaBasketbasketball

Is Terrico White The Best Dunker In The NBA? Top Ten From Rudy Gay's Allstar Game!

After seeing Terrico barely miss a 360 eastbay in this game, it makes me wonder if 6'5 Terrico could beat 6'10 Blake Griffin some go in in ... tags: basketball best bounce crazy dunk dunker gay

BEST Dunk Contest Of 2011!! Kenny Dobbs Wins; Exile Breaks Out NEW Dunk!

VOTE FOR Kenny Dobbs Exile on Check out the official re-cap mix of the 2011 LA Live Nike 3 on 3 dunk contest. The contest ... tags: air ballislife best brothers contest crazy dobbs