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BMW Road Rage with a violent crash in the end!

This driver is stuck in a cross... 2 other drivers arestopped behind him.... But when he finally pass, his fire turned red... Amazing and ... tags: carcrazydrivedriverdumbDumb_Guyroad

Street drummer VS Dumb guy!

Sometimes you ant to kill ll the dumb guys of the earth... This one is relly Dumb. tags: drumdrummerdumbDumb_Guyhitidiotkill

Jackass in Russia - Crazy and dumb teenagers!

You know that russians are CRAZY... but imagine the Russian Jackass version, with crazy and dumb teenagers and young peole doing crazy ... tags: crazydumbDumb_Guyfunnyhumorinsanejackass

Break a door or break a leg? FAIL of a dumb guy!

Oh.. this dumb guy wans to open the door with his leg... But he 'll break his leg and not the door. FAIL tags: break_a_doordoordumbDumb_Guyfailfunnyhurt

How to wake up a Hunter?... with a gun!!!

Crazy hunters Look how they wake up their friend With a shot gun tags: AwesomecrazydumbDumb_Guyfunnygunhunter

A drunk dumb and crazy guy wishes you a Merry Christmas!

This norvegian dude is AWESOME and so crazy... DHe is gonna fish a christmas tree in a frozn lake, drinking some alcohol Funny... tags: awsomecoldcrazy_guydrinkdrunkdumbDumb_Guy

Extrem Diver - Extreme Fail! Dumb guy!

You've never seen a dive like that... Crazy diver Fail Enjoy... tags: accidentcrazydivediverdive_in_riverdivingdumb

Guy swim in 200 liter of cola!

Dumb guy buy 200 liters of coca-cola and take a bath in the barrel empty of coke tags: barrelBathbath_in_coca-colaCoca-Colacokecrazydiet_coke

Crazy CHALLENGE : Pepper, Chili and Hot Sauce on his "private body part"... Insane!

Crazy guys from Children of Poseidon they have a nice Challenge for you Put Pepper, Chili and Hot Sauce on your penis.... Thi guys ...

Eat marshmallow with the eyes!!! haha

Dumb guy want to send marshmallow in the mouth of his mother.. with a air pump pipe... Right in the eyes Funny

Ouahhh! Flying Shoes...

Hey You can try this if you have a friend. Run, run, run and maybe your shoe can fly ahahah