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Greenpeace Arctic 30 Brits return to London

The five British Greenpeace activists who were among the 30 people held on hooliganism charges in Russia have returned home after being ... tags: arcticarctic_30britishdrillinggazpromgreenpeacehooliganism

European Journal | Britain - Oil vs. Conservation

Residents of Coldharbour are up in arms oil drilling is set to begin in their community -- just a half-hour's train ride from London. The ... tags: BritainColdharbourDeutscheDeutschlanddrillingDW-TVEuropa

Tunnel-Boring Machinery for Mexico, Part 4 | Made in Germany

In this fourth and final installment, the Mexican government takes ownership of the Herrenknecht drilling machines. But first the machines ... tags: CitydrillingengieersHerrenknechtmachinesMexico

The Netherlands: Shaken Up | European Journal

No other land in Europe produces as much natural gas as the Netherlands. But this has come at a price for the people who live there. ... tags: deutsche_welledrillingearthquakeseuropean_journalgroningennatural_gasnetherlands

Door to Hell - the fiery crater that won't stop burning

Astonishing night time images of the Door To Hell, a fiery crater caused by a drilling blunder that has baffled scientists after its been ... tags: BlazeburningCraterDoorDrillingFieryGas

ASI starts drilling in UP village for buried treasure

ASI starts drilling in UP village for buried treasure

Film premiere for Virunga

By Matt KingThe film is a joint effort with the WWF, World Wildlife Federation as part of the Draw the Line campaign to investigate ...

"Oil Rush" in the US - The Search for Black Gold | Journal Reporters

The world's biggest economy is desperately thirsty for oil, and the search has turned to its own back yard. The US is trying to wean itself ...

Government selling rights to offshore drilling

The Republican controlled house has passed an extension of the payroll tax cut that is expected to fail in the Senate, the government is ...

Giant polar bear leads protest to save the Arctic

A puppet polar bear as large as a double decker bus has hit the streets of London as part of a demo calling for a ban on oil and gas ...

Fracking 'must be accepted by all'

By Alexandra LodgeThe Prime Minister said the process would not damage the countryside and cause only 'very minor change to the landscape'. tags: BalcombecountrysideDavid_Camerondrillingexplorationfrackinggas

Vivienne Westwood against fracking

Dame Vivienne Westwood has spoken out against fracturing as she joined protesters in Balcombe, she says David Cameron is trying to rush it ... tags: balcombecuadrilladesignerdrillingfashionfrackinggas