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When You Layer Two Products with the Same Active Ingredient

Layering of skincare products is one of the murkier topics in all of skincare. What happens to the first one you applied If itaposs two of ... tags: ActivecareDermTVdoublingDr._Neal_SchultzDr._Schultzeffectiveness

How to Remove Chickenpox Scars

For those of us who grew up before a chickenpox vaccine, unless you already had your scars removed, you most likely still have some. So ... tags: Chickenpoxchickenpox_bubbleschickenpox_crate_formchickenpox_scarschickenpox_scar_treatmentDermTVDr._Neal_Schultz

How to Treat Dark Upper Lip Skin

Lots of people have written DermTV asking us what causes and how to treat dark upper lip skin. In this episode, Dr. Schultz discusses the ... tags: Brown_Lip_SkinDarkDarkeningDermTVDr._Neal_SchultzDr._SchultzHealth_Dermatology

How to Manage Flaky Skin, Combination Skin and Dandruff

In this final segment of February 2012 DermTV Viewer Question Week, Dr. Schultz answers questions from YouTube viewers. Topics include ... tags: Combinationcombination_skin_treatmentDandruffdandruff_treatmentDermTVDr._Neal_SchultzDr._Schultz

How to Treat Post Acne Red Spots

In this first episode of February 2012's viewer questions week, Dr. Schultz answers questions from viewers. Topics include How ... tags: Acneacne_controlacne_red_spotsagingHowBest_AntioxidantsDermTVDr._Neal_Schultz

How to Rejuvenate an Aging Face

In the last episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz discussed how the face ages. In this episode of DermTV, Dr. Schultz discusses how to rejuvenate ... tags: AgingDermTVDr._Neal_SchultzDr._Schultzeffects_of_agingFaceFacial_Rejuvenation

How Does the Face Age

As we get older, we look older. But do you ever wonder what is actually happening that makes us look older In this episode of DermTV, Dr. ... tags: Ageagesagingaging_processDermTVDoesDr._Neal_Schultz

Dermatologist Advice on Laser Hair Removal and Silicone in Makeup

Today we're going to try a new format Viewer Questions Week. Every third week of the month, instead of focusing on just one solution for a ... tags: acne_scarsBoxcar_ScarsDermTVDr._Neal_SchultzDr._SchultzExfoliation_and_RosaceaGrowing_Eyelashes

Accutane, Antioxidants and Glycolic Acid

In this part of our first DermTV Viewersapos Questions Week, Dr. Schultz is answering questions from viewers. He covers ... tags: AccutaneAccutane_skin_treatmentAcidage_spotsAntioxidantsApplicationDermTV

What Are Cosmeceuticals

In skincare marketing today, you've heard the terms, 'cosmeceutical'. But do you know what it really means Most people don't. So in this ... tags: AreCosmeceuticalscosmetics_vs._cosmeceuticalsDermTVDr._Neal_SchultzDr._Schultzdrugs_for_skin

The Medical Effects of Nail Biting

Nail biting is a habit that many people like to kick because it's annoying and because of its physical effects. But did you know there are ... tags: Bitingbiting_nailsDermTVDr._Neal_SchultzDr._SchultzEffectsHealth_Dermatology