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TOP 5 DOUCHEBAGS 2013 - The Philip DeFranco Show

In today's show we talk about the worst people of 2013. The top 5 Douchebags of the year. tags: dbagdouchebagof_the_yearphilip_defrancosxephiltop_10top_5

That Girl who is a Douchebag

Day 39 - You know her, she's the terrible other half of the Ed Hardy boys. This one is for you Nick Kroll.

Surgeon Offers Botox & Cash If You Can Find the Perfect Woman for Him

The business professionals at one Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey, got quite an offer from a local surgeon who is looking for love. He ... tags: doctordouchebagforjerseylookingnewsurgeon

Douchebag @ ISPO Brandnew Village 2012

Douchebag ISPO Brandnew Village 2012. Der Douchebag ist ein Skisack der Extraklasse. Seine speziell entwickelten Features machen ihn zum ... tags: 2012BrandnewDouchebagISPONeuigkeitSkisackSportartikelmesse

Reddit User's Insult Gets Graceful Response from Sikh Woman Target

A Reddit user posted a photo of a Sikh woman that made fun of the way she looks. The woman responded and the original poster then ... tags: 60Balpreetbuzzdouchebageuropeankaurreddit

Jimquisition: Videogames Are Not Movies, Get Over It

Let gaming's biggest douchebag explain to you how games aren't films, films aren't games, and David Cage will never be a moviemaker. tags: areartdouchebagfilmsgamesjimjimquisition

King Lionel - Douchebag Patrol

Douchebag Patrol is available on iTunes, now by Patrick GurardEditing Bertrand LemoyneCinematography Simon PerrierArt direction Patrick ... tags: douchebagkinglionelpatrolpoppromotionrive

Douchebag Director & Cast Interview

Director Drake Doremus talks the making of his independent feature 'Douchebag' with cast members Andrew Dickler, Ben York Jones and ... tags: castdirectordouchebag

Meet the Director and the Cast of 'Douchebag'

Director Drake Doremus talks the making of his independent feature 'Douchebag' with cast members Andrew Dickler, Ben York Jones and ... tags: andrewbendicklerdouchebagjonesmargueritemoreau

Patent Pending - Douchebag

Patent Pending host the hilarious Douchebag Awards, where winners or should we say losers are given beer cups as trophies. tags: AwardsBeerDouchebagmusicPatentPendingPong

Football and glowsticks | Douchebag Beach Ep 2

After a crushing experience on the beach, Tony somehow manages to get a couple of girls back to the crib for a little late-night partying. ... tags: 60f60framesDouchebagentertainmentframesguidoJersey