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Paul Carr - 3 Tags

Tue, 09 Jun 2009 160158 -0800VMC - Vascellari Media Channel - tags: 3tagsandreacarrchanneldlddld09media

Paul Carr on Social Media & Journalism

Paul Carr on Social Media Journalism - VMC Vascellari Media Channel - tags: andreacarrchannelconferencedlddld09germany

Peter Gabriel sings Biko at Davos

Peter Gabriel gives motivation in the form of song to a packed hall in Davos. tags: bikodavosdavos09davosdebatesdlddld09gabriel

Abhisit to Thaksin: Return and face consequences

Thai PM Abhisit Vejjajiva urges Thaksin to come back to Thailand to face the consequences and tell Thaksin's supporters to avoid promoting ... tags: abhisitdavosdavos09davosdebatesdlddld09minister

Justin Fox: Davos economists gloomy

Time Magazine and Fortune columnist Justin Fox summarizes panel with high profile economic analysts says the most worrying part of the ... tags: davosdavos09davosdebatesdiscussiondlddld09economics

Pascale Lamy: Faceoff in Davos over World Trade

Pascale Lamy, Direcor general of the World Trade Organisation speaks of protectionism following talks here in Davos. tags: davosdavos09davosdebatesdlddld09lamypascale

Shimon Peres: Spain cannot put Israel on trial for war crimes

President Shimon Peres responds to a question about the extraterritoriality of Spainrsquos National Court, which has recently launched an ... tags: courtdavosdavos09davosdebatesdld09gazaisrael

Barry Colson plays the Piano Bar in Davos

Entertainer Barry Colson gives an insight into the debauchery of the Piano Bar in Davos when the World Economic Forum is in town. tags: barbarrycolsondavosdavos09dld09entertainer

George Soros: I made money from the Crisis

Veteran financial speculator George Soros offers to give his theory of super-bubbles at the World Economic Forum 2009. tags: bubblesdavosdavos09davosdebatesdlddld09george

Jeff Jarvis: Author of 'What Would Google Do?'

In this video, leading new media thinker Jeff Jarvis speaks about some of the key themes in his book, What Would Google Do, which will be ... tags: burdadlddld09googlehubertjarvisjeff

Itay Talgam leads DLD Ping Pong

Conductor Itay Talgam leads attendees at DLD in a piece of group music by Ping Pong. The idea was to get all attendees in harmony before ... tags: benburdadlddld09hammersleyhubertitay