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How to Build a DIY Camera Slider

BFX has already taught you how to make a camera dolly, a steady cam, a snorri cam and jib for super cheap, but today we are showing you how ... tags: $20Arts_Filmmakingbackyard_fxBuildCameraCamera_Slider_Tutorialcompact

How to Make a Cannon Arm Movie Prop

Super Cannon Arms away This week we presents our seventh and final 'audition episode' finalist. It wasn't easy picking just seven because ... tags: ArmArts_FilmmakingCannoncannon_arm_tipscreateDIY_filmmaking_tipsDIY_filmmaking_tutorial

How to Make a Blood Cannon Prop

This week Erik presents our fourth awesome 'audition episodes'. Here to show you how to make a high quality Blood Cannon is Garrett and ... tags: Arts_Filmmakingbackyardfxbackyard_fxBloodCannondiyDIY_filmmaking_tips

How to Make SpiderMan Web Shooters Movie Prop

This week Erik presents our third awesome 'audition episodes'. Up for the new hosting gig this episode is Ryan Gerossie. Watch as he ... tags: Arts_Filmmakingbackyard_fxDIYDIY_filmmaking_tipsDIY_Movie_Properik_beckhow

How to Make a Radial Camera Dolly

This week Erik presents our awesome 'audition episodes' sent in by Indy Mogulers like you Sit back, relax, and let Dave Knop teach you how ... tags: Arts_Filmmakingbackyard_fxBuildCameracheapDIY_filmmaking_tipsdiy_Radial_Dolly

How to Build a Prop Shotgun

This week BFX brings you it's 'Shotgun Special' We'll show you how to make a double and 4 barrel shotgun. For those of you who are lazy or ... tags: Arts_FilmmakingbackyardfxBarrellBuildDIY_filmmaking_tipsDIY_Prop_ShotgunDouble

DIY Special Effects - Stomach Burst Effect

Backyard FX is traveling back to last year's Thanksgiving Stomach Burst test film, Revenge of the Gobbler, to show you some ... tags: Arts_FilmmakingBackyardbfxBurstDIYDIY_filmmaking_tipsDIY_Special_Effects