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District Of Columbia Videos - 5 by Popular

Conn. Woman ID'd As US Capitol Chase Driver

Federal, state and local authorities are searching a building in Stamford, Connecticut in connection with Thursday's chase in Washington, ...

Carney: Keeping Gov't Open 'Least They Could Do'

President Barack Obama has summoned congressional leaders to the White House on the day of a partial government shutdown that has ...

Economic Fallout Worries Over Gov't Shutdown

Concern is rising that a long government shutdown will cause work at private companies to dry up and consumers to lose faith in the U.S. ...

House GOP: Senate Must Negotiate to End Shutdown

House Republicans said they will continue efforts to fund parts of the government, such as the national parks, even as the wider shutdown ...

Gov't Shutdown Politics: a Dangerous Game?

The House voted to scrap 'Obamacare' in order to keep funding the government, a move certain to fail in the Senate. The Brookings ...

Escape From the Navy Yard

As the chaos of Monday's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard unfolded, Bertillia Lavern focused on helping her injured colleague Vishnu ...

Navy Yard Reopens Three Days After Massacre

The Washington Navy Yard has reopened for normal operations with returning employees saying they feel unsettled about the shooting there ...

Obama: 'Locked Up' Washington Could Hurt Economy

President Barack Obama is touting positive gains in the economy but also warning that a 'locked up' Washington is delaying progress on ...

New Security Concerns After Navy Yard Rampage

The contractor who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard had been hearing voices and was undergoing treatment weeks before the ...

Navy Yard 911 Calls: 'Multiple People Down'

The FBI says Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis had a shotgun when he entered a building and got a handgun inside after he started firing. 911 ...

Police Respond to Reported Shooter at Navy Yard

The U.S. Navy says one person is injured after a shooting at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters building in Washington, DC. Sept. ...

Witness: 'He Raised, and Aimed and Fired'

Witnesses described the chaos at the Washington Navy Yard as shots were fired on workers there. Officials say several people were killed, ...