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Disenfranchise Videos by Popular

Our rights need protection this fall.

As the fall elections approach, key issues on the minds of millions of Americans, are the availability of affordable family planning, and ... tags: abortiondisenfranchiseelectionlawspollspresidentialreproductive

Maine GOP Disenfranchises Voters in 16.3% of Precincts

This is an outrage The Maine Republican Party seeks to avoid a publicity victory by Ron Paul and has thus announced publicly that it would ... tags: 2012caucuscaucusescoloradocountcountiescounty

History of the NAACP and Civil Rights

This famous grassroots-based civil rights group sought to end what Albert Einstein called 'America's worst disease' Racism. learns more ... tags: AdvancementAfrican_AmericansAssociationblack_historycivil_rightsColoreddisenfranchise

History of the Civil Rights Movement

Beginning with the end of the U.S. Civil War in 1865, African Americans toiled to reach equal status in the eyes of the law. explores the ... tags: African_Americansblack_historycivil_rightsconfederatedisenfranchisehistoryintegration

College Students Voting Rights at Risk?

\n \n BY ALANA YOUNGANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMANYou're watching multisource politics news analysis from NewsyA bill under ... tags: CensusCollege_StudentsCollege_TownDisenfranchiseDisenfranchisementElectionsEstablish_Residency

Headzup: Arrested For Trying To Vote

Dana Perino is asked about a voter in Missouri who was arrested for trying to vote.Read more about it here-- daily Catch and Release ... tags: arrestedcartooncelldisenfranchisefilipowiczlawmessaging

Headzup: Arrested For Voting

CLICK TO WATCH HEADZUP.TV Mobile Satire For A Mobile DemocracyBREAKING NEWS Whitehouse spokesperson, Dana Perino, is asked about a voter ... tags: animationApple_iPhonearrestedcartooncellcomedydisenfranchise

Unelectable (a tribute to Barack Obama)

A tribute to Obama and the Democratic Party.Written by John Smart and performed by Lisa VJohn's blog here channel that's what you are ... tags: BamboozleBarackclearclintoncoledangerdisenfranchise