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Discoverynews : Solar Flare

Just thought this was really REALLY cool . About the flare that happened either in August or October of this year . I know NASA released a ... tags: discoverynewsflaresolarsunspot

Cool Jobs: Hacker

Beware the pineapple, especially if Darren Kitchen's around. The hacker and host of tech show Hak5 talks to Jorge Ribas about one of his ... tags: computer,cool,discoverynews,hack,hacker,hak5jobs,

Man Takes Hostages at Discovery Channel

A man takes hostages at the Discovery Channel building in Maryland, USA. After a 5 hour standoff with police, the gun man was shot dead by ... tags: channelchinachina_newsdiscoverydiscovery_channel_hostagediscovery_channel_hostagesdiscovery_channel_news

Surviving a Big Wave Wipe Out

Surfing huge waves can be deadly - and exhilarating. Same goes for the wipe outs. One of the sports most extreme surfers talks James ... tags: Billabongdiscovery_earthdiscovery_newsextremeHawaiihugemonster

A Dwindling Catch: Part 2

08/06/08 The Chesapeake Bay depends on oysters to filter its waters. And nearby communities depend on oysters for jobs. Jorge ... tags: Chesapeake_Bayculturediscovery_earthdiscovery_newsfishermenfishingharvest

Sharks The Size of a Whale!

07/31/08 Little is known about Whale Sharks -- they're hard to study because of their extreme migratory patterns. Kasey-Dee ... tags: animaldiscoverydiscovery_newsGentlehugekasey-dee_gardnermadness

Cool Jobs: Ancient Wood Expert

07/28/08 Excavating ancient ruins can turn up strange items - such as preserved wood that's thousands of years old. Discovery ... tags: ancientarcheologydiscoverydiscovery_newsegyptlauren_effronold

Hubble Awaits Final Tune-Up

07/28/08 With one last Hubble servicing mission left, Discovery Space Producer Dave Mosher and Jorge Ribas find out exactly what ... tags: discoverydiscovery_newsdiscovery_spacehubblejorge_ribasmoonsolar_system

Swimming With (and Surviving) Sharks

07/28/08 Discovery News' Kasey-Dee dives in for the chance to swim with sharks and explains how you can too. tags: animaldiscoverydiscovery_newsgeorgiahammerheadkasey-dee_gardnernews

Michelangelo's Face Revealed

07/21/08 Portraits of Michelangelo suggest he was nowhere near as beautiful as the works of art he produced. Discovery News' ... tags: artdaviddiscoverydiscovery_newshistorylauren_effronMichelangelo

Bikes Smarten Up in the US

07/22/08 The first bike-sharing program in the United States will be open soon in hopes of relieving congestion and pollution in ... tags: bicyclesbike-sharingcongestiondiscovery_newsenvironmentmatt_danzicopollution

Why? Tell Me Why! :: Sunburn

07/23/08 Did you know that everyone can be sunburned, regardless of skin color Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out why tags: discovery_newsearthhealthheathkasey-dee_gardnermelanomaskin_cancer