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Shifting Energy Sources | People & Politics

All of Germanys political parties now want to move to alternative energies. But coal-fired power plants will be needed in Germany for a ... tags: Carboncoal-firedDeutscheDeutschlandDioxideDW-TVfiltering

Preserving the primeval | Video of the day

The Russian republic of Komi, just west of the Ural Mountains, is home to some of Europe's last old-growth forests. The timber industry ... tags: borealcarbonchangeclimatedaydeforestationDeutsche

Climate: Forest conservation in Komi, Russia | Global 3000

Much of the world's boreal forests grow in northwestern Russia. They exist only in the northern hemisphere and play a major role in the ... tags: 3000borealcarbonchangeclimateCulturedeforestation

Calls for immediate climate action

By Leese TomCampaigners are calling for immediate action to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the wake of a major new report on climate ...

Carbon dioxide making oceans more acidic, threatening sea life

The new U.N. climate report shows global average temperature rise has slowed, but the rise in greenhouse gases has not. Carbon dioxide ...

Grape things come in organic packages in Valais

A wine making cooperative in canton Valais recently won an innovation prize from the organic farming umbrell organization, BioSuisse, for ... tags: biocarbondioxideemissionsfarminggrapesgreen

Icebreakers: Melting Chile's Glaciers

The landscape in Patagonia has been created over time by the harshest elements, but in many ways its future is being shaped by human hands ... tags: carbonChileconservationistdioxidegasesglaciergreenhouse

Experts Debate Merits of Carbon Capture Technology

Billions have been pledged to develop carbon capture and storage technology in Canada, a scheme that some say has the potential to ... tags: Canadacarbondevelopmentdioxideemissionenergygases

Biotechnology Puts Waste to Good Use

BRAIN, a biotechnology company in Germany, has developed a 'toolkit' of different bacterial strains that can extract carbon dioxide from ... tags: andcarbondioxideemissionsGermanyhesseninformation

"Biochar" Aids India's Farmers, Environment

Biochar is helping transform agriculture in India. Biochar is charcoal created by pyrolysis, or decomposition of biowaste at high ... tags: biocharcarbonchangecharcoalclimatedioxidefarm

The Six Stages of Climate Change Denial

The Six Stages of Climate Change DenialClimate One - The Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaA panel of climate and science experts discuss the ... tags: AndereggBillcarbonclimatedioxideForestsMann

Vancouver Sets Out to Become Greenest City

Gas emission causes severe damage to air quality. That's not tolerable for a city that marks itself as sustainable, so Vancouver drafted ... tags: carcarboncitydioxideprogramtransportationVancouver