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Dinosaur Videos - 4 by Popular

Buy a huge Diplodocus dinosaur for £600,000

A huge Diplodocus skeleton, discovered in the US in 2009, is being auctioned in the UK for 600,000. Report by Morrism. Like us on Facebook ...

THE Dish: Chef John Stage's skirt steak with charred tomato and avocado salsa

Chef John Stage, the founder and CEO of the hugely successful Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurants in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, ...

Oldest dinosaur identified lived 245 million years ago

British researchers say they've identified the oldest dinosaur yet - a creature the size of a labrador retriever that roamed southern ...

Random Encounter - ORION: Dino Horde

How is it even possible to make a bad dinosaur game Well, guns without animations and disappearing Tyrannosaurus rexes are a good ...

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Brings Us Dinosaurs, At Last

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has officially been revealed, so join Cam and Martin as they pore over some dinotastic footage.

Walking With Dinosaurs 3D Official Trailer #3 (2013) - CGI Dinosaur Movie HD

Walking With Dinosaurs 3D Official Trailer 3 2013 - CGI Dinosaur Movie HD

Message regarding nickbernier234... :(

It sucks to do this, but he is not being a nice person at all. Sorry guys I hope you enjoyed this video Be sure to leave a Like if you ...

PDFC - Liopleurodon vs Xiphactinus

The last round 1 fight for the SeaMonsters division

PDFC Water Fighters

Another vid today. I have had this for a while all i had to do was add music and the fade effect.I do not own this song in any way.

PDFC - Elasmosaurus vs Mosasaurus

Sorry i didnt notice the title i have changed it now. Took me an hour to make, so i know its pretty bad.

Dinosaur tracks found in Ark.

Researchers found a field of dinosaur tracks - some over 120 million years old - in southwest Arkansas. Jeff Glor reports.