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Toasted Nation: The Return of Toasted Donut - Toasted Donut

Toasted Donut is back from its hiatus Join Glenn McElhose and David Prager as the guys chat about tech news, current events and a few of ... tags: colombiadiggnationdlpragerglennhippieipokevin

All Your Email Are Belong to Facebook - Toasted Donut

Facebook's deployment strategy is to op its users in to everything and ask for forgiveness later. Also discussed in this episode are new ... tags: canondefaultdiggnationdlpragerglennmchuynhmichael

Meet 2012 Olympic Boxer Filmmaker Drea Cooper - Toasted Donut

A bonus episode Glenn interviews filmmaker and friend, Drea Cooper, on his upcoming feature length documentary on female Olympic boxer, ... tags: 2012boxingclaressadiggnationglennmckickstarterolympics

TechCrunch's Alexia Tsotsis Interview! - Toasted Donut

TechCrunch co-editor Alexia Tsotsis joins David Prager to discuss how the editorial process at Techcrunch works. tags: alexiadaviddiggnationdisruptdlpragerhuynhmichael

Are You Watching the Olympics? - Toasted Donut

Hippie Glenn and Prager discuss the Olympics as well as the the evolution of YouTube comments. tags: commentercommentscurlingdiggnationdlpragerglennmchuynh

Analog To Digital - Toasted Donut

Hippie Glenn and Prager discuss the Twitter controversy in NBC's coverage of the Olympics as well as the new tags: daviddiggnationdlpragerglennmchuynhmichaelolympic

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet - Diggnation

Join us this week on Diggnation as Kevin and Alex talk MPAA piracy, sweet cribs around the world, the poor Metrodome's collapse, 14 of the ... tags: animalsarsdiggnationespnkillminneapolismove

The Toasted New Year - Toasted Donut

Watch Glenn, Prager and Barrett reminisce over the past year, discuss their 2013 New Year's Eve festivities, and Glenn's pending name ... tags: daviddiggnationdonnerevenewpragersnow

CEO & Co-Founder Matt Galligan of Circa Discusses and Demos His New News App for iOS! - Toasted ...

Matt Galligan, CEO and Co-founder of Circa, demos and discusses this news reading, following and discovery app Find out why this app may ... tags: appcircadaviddiggnationdlpragerhuynhmichael

Dissecting Google Chrome with Ian Ellison Taylor - Toasted Donut

Prager visits the Google HQ to have a drink and talk to Ian Ellison-Taylor, the director of web platform. They discuss Chrome, and geek-out ... tags: campuschromedaviddiggnationdlpragerhuynhmichael

If I Puke, I'm Gonna Be Pissed - Diggnation

Chug Chug Chug Time for a crisp, refreshing Coors Light This week, we talk about Kevin's quickly approaching book deal, an anal sex ed ... tags: albrechtalexcatdiggdiggnationfunnykevin

Apple iPad: The Great Pooping Device - Best Of...

Kevin and Alex's long and ridiculous rant about their takes on the Apple iPad tags: diggnationipadkevinrose