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The Connection Between Bacteria And Multiple Sclerosis

Most people know illnesses like intestinal upsets can be caused by bacteria. They don't link bacteria with an illness like multiple ... tags: auto-immune_diseasebacteriaContent_Typedigestive_tractEducationgenesgenetics

Diagnosing IBS

In order to diagnose the digestive disorder inflammatory bowel syndrome, a doctor will examine the symptoms, like diarrhea, abdominal pain ... tags: bowel_movementcolonoscopyconstipationdiagnosing_ibsdiagnosis:_abdominal_paindiarrheadigestive_disorders

Managing IBS with Behavioral Modifications

Irritable bowel syndrome has no cure, but relief is still possible. People with IBS-induced constipation may benefit from increasing their ... tags: bowel_movementcauses_of_ibscolonoscopyconstipationdiarrheadigestive_disordersdigestive_health:_Health

Treating IBD with Surgery

People with ulcerative colitis may find that a colectomy or ileoanal anastomosis surgery will return them to digestive health. And those ... tags: bowelscolectomycolonCrohn's_diseasedigestive_healthdigestive_tractguts:_Health

Understanding IBD

Inflammatory bowel disease IBD is an umbrella term for a group of digestive disorders which includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn's ... tags: abdominal_painbasicscolonCrohn's_diseasediarrheadigestive_disordersdigestive_health:_Health

Curbing Methane Emissions With Microbes

Cows, goats, and sheep require symbiotic microbes to help digest the plant biomass that they eat, and some of these microbes make methane. tags: beerbiologyContent_TypecowsDarma_wallabydigestiondigestive_tract

Organic Colon Cleansing For Superior Wellness - Guide To Get And Use The Very Best Digestive Tract ...

Plenty of colon cleanser can result in plenty of helpful many benefits for you. If you wish to learn more truth about colon cleansers, ... tags: blood_poisoningbody_detoxifyingcleansing_the_coloncolon_cancercolon_cleansercolon_cleanserscolon_cleansing

Fasting and the Digestive Tract

Learn how fasting and cleansing fasts affect the digestive tract, and whether fasting is right for you. tags: cleansing_fastdietdietingDigestivedigestive_tractFastingHealth_General_Health

Quick Weight Loss Pills With Pure Acai Berry Power 500

The introduction of pure acai in the form of Acai Berry Power 500 has certainly taken the world by storm - the dieting world, that is. ... tags: acaiacai_500acai_amazonacai_antioxidantAcai_Berryacai_berry_benefitsacai_berry_drink