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Digestion Videos by Popular

Consejos para recuperar la figura tras las fiestas

Las navidades dicen adis otro ao y lo que dejan a su paso tras muchas comilonas son unos cuantos kilos ms de los deseados. No dejar de ... tags: comidasconsejosdigestionfiguragimnasiopaseos

World's largest fermentation anaerobic digestion facility built in San Jose

The facility will process the organic waste from San Jose businesses and convert the waste to renewable energy and compost. tags: anaerobicdigestiondryfacilityfermentationGreenWaste_Recoveryrenewable_energy

La digestion de l'homme aux rayons X

On ne sait pas trop comment ni pourquoi, mais cet homme possde des images de son organisme qui passe aux rayons X pendant qu'il est en ...

Digestion of eggs and meat increase risk of heart disease

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine says foods like eggs and meat can increase the risk of heart disease because of the way they ...

Yoga to Improve Digestion

Vajrasana This posture helps improve digestion. It also cures stomach disorders like acidity. You can do this immediately after a meal. tags: ashtangadigestionfitfitnessforHathavinyassa

Yoga for Digestive Problems

Supta Vajrasana This posture helps in better digestion and to relieve constipation.By stimulating the adrenaline glands it results in ... tags: ashtangadigestionfitfitnessforHathavinyassa

Yoga for Cleansing Your Stomach

This kriya will help you clean your stomach with the help of a rubber catheter. tags: ashtangadigestionfitfitnessforHathavinyassa

Yoga for Digestion: The Boat Pose

This posture will help you relieve your digestive problems. tags: ashtangadigestionfitfitnessforHathavinyassa

Yoga for Digestion: Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog This is one of the most basic poses. It helps people suffering from digestive problems. It also provides a good stretch ... tags: beginnersdigestionforworkoutYoga

How to Do The Cobbler's Yoga Pose

Rodney Yee shows you how to do the cobbler's pose in yoga so you can open your hips. tags: aidscobblerconcertrationdigestionenergygaiamhip

Yoga for Digestion -- Nasika Shuddhi Kriya

This aasana greatly helps people with digestive ailments.nbsp tags: digestiondigestiveforhealthkriyanasikaproblems