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Weight Loss Traps

If you can prevent yourself from getting caught in food traps - like hidden calories and fattening salad bars - then you can avoid ... tags: caloriescalories_foodscalorie_counterdiet_foodsdiet_planfood_traphidden_calories

The Kind Diet: The Truth

Need a quick tip on how to lose weight and perfect your skin, all while increasing your energy Check out Alicia Silverstone's Vegan Detox ... tags: Alicia_SilverstoneBest_dietDiet_foodsDiet_MealsDiet_recipeEating_healthyEating_well:_Health

3 Rules of Good Nutrition

Obesity rates in America are at an all-time high. Why Because people eat a lot more calories than they burn each day. The worst part is ... tags: American_HealthBody_NutritionCaloriesDiet_FoodsDiet_Tips:_Nutritional_InfoEating_HabitsEating_Healthy

Lea Michele: The Vegan Diet

Glee star Lea Michele is one of Hollywood's most famous vegans. A vegan diet is all about eliminating animal products and bi-products, ... tags: Diet_and_exerciseDiet_foodsDiet_plansDiet_recipesFood_dietsGleeHealthy_weight_loss

The Baby Food Diet

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's baby food diet is essentially a week-long lesson in portion control. You eat pureed fruits, vegetables, ... tags: baby_food_dietBest_dietBurn_fat:_HealthDiet_foodsDiet_planDiet_recipeEating_healthy

Lady Gaga: The 5 Factor Diet

Lady Gaga is one of many celebrities who have tried the 5 Factor Diet. It's a five-week program in which you eat five meals a day comprised ... tags: 5_Factor5_Factor_Diet:_Eating_healthyAppetite_controlBest_dietDietingDiet_foodsDiet_plan

Demi Moore: The Raw Food Diet

How does Demi Moore look so incredible Her raw food diet plays a major part. A raw food diet is just what it sounds like- -you only eat raw ... tags: Best_dietDemi_MooreDietingDiet_foodsDiet_planDiet_recipeEating_healthy:_Health

Alicia Silverstone's Kind Diet

Alicia Silverstone's Vegan Detox plan, The Kind Diet, claims to help you lose weight, perfect your skin, increase energy and more And the ... tags: Alicia_SilverstoneBest_dietDiet_foodsDiet_MealsDiet_recipeEating_healthyEating_well:_Health

Portion Control 101

Portion control Who cares about that Believe it or not, controlling your portion sizes can go further than any diet, helping you consume ... tags: counting_carbsdietingdietsdiet_foodsdiet_planfood_calorieshow_to_lose_weight

Sachin pays 4.35 lakh penalty for his new home

Indian cricketer master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has paid a fine of Rs 4.35 lakh to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation BMC for performing ... tags: 500_Calorie_DietBandraBmc_ActCarbonated_BeveragesCctv_CamerasCroreCross_Road

Secrets of the Slim: Dining Out

Need a quick tip on slimming down while dining out Watch this tags: appetizerbeverageBody_NutritioncheateddietingdietsDiet_Foods

Secrets of the Slim: Know Your Body

Another way to slim down is to stop eating when you're full. Watch this to grab a quick tip tags: Body_NutritioncholesteroldietingdietsDiet_Foodsdiet_secretsEating_Healthy