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Dictatorship Videos - 4 by Popular

Human Rights Groups Urge Haiti to Arrest Ex-Leader

Human rights groups have demanded that Haiti's government arrest former President Jean-Claude Duvalier for crimes against humanity. The ... tags: dictatorshipduvalierearthquakehaitianjean-claudeleaderPort-au-Prince

"Baby Doc's" Return to Haiti Draws Mixed Reactions

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier's stunning return to his homeland has drawn a mixed reaction from angry opponents ... tags: dictatorshipduvalierearthquakehaitianjean-claudeleaderPort-au-Prince

Former Haitian Dictator Returns to Country from Exile

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier, who has been living in France for the past 25 years, has returned after being ... tags: anniversarydictatordictatorshipearthquakeelectionHaitihaitian

President Lukashenko Wins Fourth Term in Belarus

President Alexander Lukashenko has won a 4th consecutive term in Belarus' presidential election. The Central Election Commission reported a ... tags: aleksandrBelarusdictatordictatorshipelectionfraudlukashenko

Argentina "Dirty War" Figure Arrested

Colombian authorities arrested Argentine Gustavo Modesto Demarchi in Bogota on charges of human rights crimes related to Argentina's Dirty ... tags: arrestedCristinadictatorshipdirtyFernandezgovernmentHenry

Speaking Out in Europe's "Last Dictatorship"

Political opposition leader Andrei Sannikov and his colleagues face show trials and violent crackdowns in the authoritarian country, ... tags: Belarusdictatorshipfreedomkgbofoppositionpolitical

Rejali on Torture: ‘You Don't Add Humiliation to Death'

Rejali on Torture You Don't Add Humiliation to DeathAustralian Broadcasting Corporation - Sydney IdeasIn his lecture for Sydney Ideas, ... tags: abuAustraliaAustralianBroadcastingciaCorporationdemocracy

Authorizing Torture: The Gestapo and Abu Ghraib

Authorizing Torture The Gestapo and Abu GhraibAustralian Broadcasting Corporation - Sydney IdeasIn his lecture for Sydney Ideas, Darius ... tags: abuAustraliaAustralianBroadcastingciaCorporationdemocracy

Debate Over Memorial to Franco

A debate is ongoing in Spain over whether to remove a memorial to fascist dictator Francisco Franco northwest of Madrid.Powered by ... tags: dictatorshipFascismFascistsFranciscofrancoMemorialMONUMENT

European Union allows the oil of motor in feeding

In reality, neither the DGCCRF, nor Brussels know the quantity of contaminated products. According to the Satirical Weekly newspaper 'Le ... tags: dictatorshipengineEuropehealthKingdomoilpower

Who is behind European construction ?

After 14 years at the Elysee and a few weeks before his death, Franois Mitterrand gave his political testament to the French people ... tags: ASSELINEAUdeclassifiedDemocracyDictatorshipdocumentsFrancisStates

RAW VIDEO: Russian Police Break Up Election Protest

Nearly 20 people have been arrested for protesting the absence of opposition parties in Russia's upcoming elections. Powered by ... tags: dictatorshipDmitryElectionsMedvedevpolicepoliticsprotests