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Erleichtert: Susan Boyle hat Asperger-Syndrom

Susan Boyle hat das Asperger-Syndrom, eine Form von Autismus. Das ergab eine aktuelle Diagnose. Das schottische Gesangswunder zeigte sich ... tags: Asperger-SyndromAutismusCastingshowDiagnoseI_Dreamed_a_DreamSusan_Boylezoomin

Doctors Might Have Incorrect Definition of ADHD

Reports suggest 1 out of every 10 U.S. kids has ADHD, but one study suggests it's the diagnosis, not the disease, that's spreading.

Breath test may detect cancer, heart disease

A breath test may soon be able to diagnose and even predict serious health problems. Dr. Holly Phillips talks to the 'CBS This Morning' ...

Smartphone apps to save a life

When a medical emergency strikes, every counts, which is just one more area where the rapidly expanding field of Smartphone apps comes in. ...

Leading doctors call for over the counter birth control

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says the health risks associated with oral contraceptives are low and should be ...

Stroke goggles: Can new tech diagnose a stroke?

Testing for strokes can be inaccurate and expensive, but a new device may offer a better, cheaper alternative. Dr. David Newman-Toker of ...

P.S.A. blood test reliability in question

A key government panel has raised concerns about the reliability of the P.S.A. blood test, which is used to diagnose prostate cancer. Dr. ...

Prostate cancer blood test risky: study

A new study finds that the prostate cancer blood test does more harm than good. Whit Johnson reports on the reactions from doctors and ...

Neu-Ulm - Rotaviren nehmen zu

Bei fast doppelt so vielen Menschen wie im Vorjahr wurden nun im Landkreis Neu-Ulm Rotaviren diagnostiziert.

How To Diagnose Pigeon Fanciers' Lung

Are you worried you are suffering from pigeon fanciers' lung Stewart Wardrop, general manager of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, ... tags: diagnosefanciersforlungpigeonsymptomstreat

Liver Transplant Saves Young Man's Life

One young man discusses his battle with bile duct cancer.Powered by Producer Mayo Clinic Video tags: diagnosedoctorillnessliverMexicopatientrecovery

How To Diagnose And Treat Food Poisoning

There are 76 million cases of food poisoning each year in the U.S. Unsafe cooking and food handling conditions could make you the next ... tags: beefcheesechickendiagnosefoodhepatitispoisoning