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Headlines at 8:30: Laundry soap threatened by detergent pods

'CBS This Morning' takes a look at some of the day's headlines from around the globe.

Baby Dies After Eating Detergent Pod

A baby boy tragically died after ingesting a detergent packet. The pods contain a highly concentrated amount of cleaning chemicals and ... tags: babydeathdetergentdiespod

Single-load detergent packet swallowed, kills infant

A baby has died after eating a liquid laundry packet in Kissimmee. tags: babyschildrenControldeathdetergentKissimmeepacket

Kids Eating Detergent Pods as Candy

Kids Eating Detergent Pods as Candy - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Should the new detergent pods be taken off the shelfThe ... tags: candydetergentkidsnewsparentingworld

Toddlers Mistake Laundry Detergent TidePods for Candy, Get Poisoned

TidePods, a new single-dose form a laundry detergent, are poisoning children around the country. The cute and colorful design is appealing ... tags: 60buzzcontroldetergentkidslaundrypods

How to make your own dish washing liquid?

At Goducate Training Centre, housewives are taught how to make detergents to sell as a livelihood project. This video is sponsored by MHC ... tags: AsiadetergentGoducateHelpinghome-basedincomeMHC

How To Mop A Floor

This video is all about how to mop a kitchen floor. Cleaning and mopping must be done daily to your floors. Here, in this video, there are ... tags: cleancleaningdeodorizerdetergentdoorFloorkitchen

How To: Crystal Cleaning Tips!

Having trouble cleaning your crystal products without marking them up and leaving residue Watch Tracy, the Cleaning Fairy, as she explains ... tags: cleaningcrystaldetergenthousekeepingitemsoldtips

TV3 - APM? - Cuní, un toc de llum en la teva vida

L'nic amb suavitzant natural per donar-te una suavitat que calmi, relaxi i et canvi l'estat d'nim. s Cun, noms Cun i Herdia, clar.nbsp tags: algunaapmcatalunyacunídetergentjosepmés

Suspect Covers Himself in Laundry Detergent to Trick K9 Dogs

A man in National City, California opted to cover himself in laundry detergent to throw K9 dogs off-track. Oh, how far thieves will go to ... tags: detergentfromhideslaundryNewspolicesuspect

9,500 poisonings linked to colorful laundry pods

The poison control hotline has reported 9,500 cases of children under the age of 5 have been poisoned since early 2012. tags: AttractiveChildcontrolDetergenthospitalLaundryManufacturer

How To Get A Knot Out Of A Chain

Amanda Gizzi with Jewelers of America demonstrates how to untangle a knotted chain. tags: BabyBoxDetergentGravityLintoilPat