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Desert Videos - 2 by Popular

Destroying the planet | Video of the day

For decades the rivers that fed the Aral Sea were diverted for irrigation. As a result, the world's fourth largest lake shrunk steadily. ... tags: AralchemicalsdaydesertDeutscheDeutschlanddust

The fight against desertification | Tomorrow Today

The Aral Sea was once the worlds fourth largest lake. But for decades the rivers that feed it have been diverted for irrigation. As a ... tags: AralchemicalsdesertDeutschedustDW-TVfertilizers

Modern art in the Wild West | Video of the day

Is it possible to create a fusion of art and nature A cultural oasis in the middle of the desert in Texas is a case in point. tags: ArtdayDesertDeutscheDonaldDW-TVJudd

Art in the Desert - MARFA | Arts.21

In a town of 2,000 in the high desert in Texas lies the art oasis Marfa. The artist Donald Judd founded it in the 1970s as an alternative ... tags: ArtArtsCultureDesertDeutscheDonaldDW-TV

Climate: Morocco - A Desert Nation Coping With Climate Change | Global 3000

Both floods and draughts are on the increase in Morocco, and the effects are getting worse and worse. People in largely agricultural areas ... tags: aid_groupcliamte_changeclimatedesertdeutsche_welledwglobalization

7 lieux magiques sur terre - Il faut le voir pour le croire!

Des canyons, des champs de fleurs perte de vue, des montagnes ancestrales, des lacs souterrains... 7 lieux magiques, naturels et rels. A ... tags: à_voirBeaudesertlaclieu_magiquemagnifiquemontagne

Mr. Sandman | Speeding Car Rolls Through Desert

This Hasport Hondata Insight crashed at the El Mirage dry lakes meet and went for a roll Luckily the safety equipment worked well. LIKE us ... tags: carcrashcrazydesertflipinsanejukin

Design FX - Game of Thrones: Dragon Effects Exclusive

Daenerys Targaryen's dragons on HBO's Games of Thrones are fan favorites, and WIRED has an incredible, exclusive look at how they were ... tags: animationbaby_dragonbroockcgicharactercreaturedaenerys

Egypt: The Amazing Forest in the Desert | Global 3000

Fertile land is scarce in Egypt. All of life depends on water from the Nile River. 85 million Eyptians are settled along its banks. The ... tags: desertdeutsche_welledwegypteucalyptusfertilizationforest

Preview #07 de Super Derulo World 4 - Electricité au désert

Aujourd'hui nouvelle preview sur un level de Super Derulo World 4 tags: desertPreviewSDW4

Å trudla sa makom recept / Strudel With Poppy Seeds

Ceo pisani recept za trudlu sa makom moete nai na nasem sajtu je ispala fenomenalno, probajte.Sastojci250ml + 150ml mleka1 solja + 2 kaike ...

Le Moonfest, festival marocain écolo

3 dition du festival de musique du monde Moonfest du 30 avril au 2 mai 2010. L'co-citoyennet est mise l'honneur associations rurales, ...