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No More Migraines?

Breakthroughs in preventive medications can now help many patients to significantly reduce, or even eliminate, their migraine headaches. tags: Anti-DepressantAntiDepressantAuraBeta_blockerDepakoteelidelHeadache

SSRI Birth Deffects

SSRI drugs can cause birth defects. Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro, Paxil, Depakote and other antidepressant and seizure drugs can cause birth ... tags: antidepressantbirth defectCelexadefective drugDepakotejajimadlerLexapro

Depakote (Divalproex Sodium)

A pharmacist explains how Depakote works, why doctors prescribe this anticonvulsant, and common side effects of the drug. tags: anticonvulsantsbenefitbipolarbraincalmCureDepakote

FDA Warns About Depakote Birth Defects Risk

FDA is reminding healthcare professionals and patients about an increased risk of birth defects in infants whose mothers took Depakote ... tags: anencephalyDepakotedivalproex sodiumFDAFood and Drug Administrationhkllpneural tube defects

What is Mixed Bipolar Disorder?

Rather than experiencing bipolar mood swings, a person with mixed bipolar disorder experiences mania and depression -- simultaneously Drug ... tags: agitated_depressionbipolarbipolar_depressionbipolar_disordercomedianDepakotedepression

Rhythm Incursions – May 2011

So after a two month hiatus partly due to earthquakes and other natural disasters we8217re back with a regular Rhythm Incursions podcast, ... tags: Africa_HitechAgricultureAirlinerAnti-GArchiteqBass_ClefBeat

Rhythm Incursions – November 2010

The last show of the month sees the return of our regular podcast, following the missed October show due to this little thing called life ... tags: 1000_NamesAD_BourkeAgricultureAlfabetAndreya_TrianaArp101BD1982

Rhythm Incursions – February 2010

It8217s February, the weather on this side of the world could still be primarily described as apocalyptic and the recession is still going ... tags: AgricultureBeatbeatsBonoboBullyBusdriverClouds

Rhythm Incursions – Best of 09 pt1

And so here we are at the end of the year, and the decade. Let us therefore indulge in this most seasonal of traditions with a two-part, ... tags: 2nd_Class_CitizenAgricultureAlice_RussellAlix_PerezArchiteqAstronoteB-Ju

The Samurai – Depakote & Friends

We return to L.A. for our latest guest mix. Depakote is a producer who got in touch with us after we8217d posted about the Sun Ra beat tape ... tags: AgricultureBahweeBeatbeatsBullyCo.FeeCrooklyn