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Maxim's Men Must-Haves

Two things guys need everyday a good deodorant and great razor. Maxim magazine picked two of the best to test out this fall.

How To Treat Excessive Sweating

Do you break out into a sweat at the slightest provocation Is your forehead always damp Do all your shirts have underarm stains If you ... tags: antiperspirentarmpitdeoderantperspiresweatunderarm

Body Odor of a Massage Therapist - Massage Student Tips

massage tips are for the massage student, newly licensed massage therapist and also for the seasoned massage therapist too. Submit any tips ... tags: BodycrystaldeoderantMassageOdorpowderStudent

Toni Braxton's Sweat Stains!

You can have designer clothes, a top makeup and hair team and tons of bling, but if your deoderant fails you on the red carpet--yikes Toni ... tags: BraxtondeoderantFamilyphotospicsstainssweat

Red Carpet Survival Guide

Want to rock this years fab Oscar looks Style expert Jenn Falik tells us the secrets to achieve red carpet glam on your own tags: deoderantDoveFormulahairlifeminutelifeminute.tvlooks

Body Odor Prevention (BO, bodyodor)

02/20/12 Body odor is easy to prevent and it may surprise you but deoderant is not the best way Bodybuilders because of how ... tags: anti-persperantBObodybodybuilderbodybuildingbodyodordeoderant

Old Spice, Obama, Fabio and Boehner

There are two HUGE fights brewing In Washington we've got Debt Duel Debt Showdown Debt Crisis One on One Obama vs Boehner ... tags: 2012 Address Barack Boehner Cantor Ceiling Commercial

Don't Feel fresh? Try this, so what if it's toxic!

Don't Feel fresh Try this,... 416 There's a new feminine deodorant in town - so what if it's toxic Kinda Cute Keywords ... tags: deoderantDon't_feel_freshfeminine_odorSketchstinkytoxic

Breast Cancer is Preventable.

\n \n Have you tried Jills Greatest Deodorant yetBecause your health matters.Jills Greatest Underarm DeodorantSize- 4 oz ... tags: Breast_CancerCancerControversial_TitlesDeoderantDeodorantGreatestHow_To