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Democrats Videos - 6 by Popular

Ron Paul Says GOP and Dems Are Too Closely Aligned

Former congressman Ron Paul tells Larry leaders in both parties largely ignore the will of the people -- especially independents.

Who REALLY Holds the Power In DC?

Think You Know Where The Center of Power and Money In The Nation's Capital Is If You Think It's The White House Or Capitol Hill, You're ...

Rand Paul Is Too Intolerant To Be Called A 'Libertarian,' Says Party's Presidential Candidate

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson disputes Sen. Rand Paul's Libertarian credentials

Obama Should Start Firing People, Says Gary Johnson

2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson tells Larry Pres. Obama is weak on hiring and firing actions in his ...

Bob Woodward On Why Americans Are So Angry

Bob Woodward on the anger Americans feel and the twisting of political reality.

US shutdown explained: Dummies guide to the political crisis

Find out exactly what caused the 16 day shutdown, what affect it had on America, how it was resolved and whether it could happen again. ...

Daley on shutdown politics: Obama is "not taking any great joy in this last three weeks"

William Daley, former chief of staff for President Obama, talks to the 'CBS This Morning' co-hosts about the end of the government shutdown ...

Biden: "No guarantee" shutdown, debt crisis won't happen again

Greeting EPA employees returning to work after the government reopened, Vice President Joe Biden told reporters he hoped lawmakers had ...

House Offering Bill to Open Government, Raise Debt Limit

House Republicans are moving forward with a counter-proposal to the Senate's shutdown plan.

Debt Ceiling Deal? Politicians Not Leaving Much Wiggle Room

Politicians are throwing around a lot of P-words right now like progress and patience, but nothing's passed yet.

Deal in Place, But Not Without Drama

Late Wednesday, congressional leaders both funded the government and avoided allowing the country to default on its debt.

Debt Ceiling Deadline Approaches, Still No Tangible Deal

House GOP leaders gave up on writing a deal late Tuesday, which left the Senate to push a plan before Thursday's deadline.