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Dehydration Videos by Popular

Alteria - Protection

Italian rockers, Alteria, re-enact the events of starvation, dehydration, and cannibalism. Inspired from the 19th century painting 'The ... tags: alteriacannibalismdehydrationdirector:_Luca_AcernoElisa_CaseriniitalyLuca_Lamera

Supertaster Daily: PB2, Just Add Water

Supertaster plays with various approaches to eating PB2, the dehydrated or should that be 'de-oiled' peanut butter powder that's taken the ...

Ask It Early: Stress, coffee and gallstones

Dr. Holly Phillips answers viewer questions on pressing health issues, from how to reduce stress in tough economic times, to whether coffee ...

Report: Muhammad Ali back home and doing well

Ali is said to be back in his Arizona home after being treated for dehydration. Betty Nguyen reports.

Prevention of Dehydration and Heat Illness in Youth Sports

On , Childrenaposs Healthcare of Atlanta Director of Sports Medicine, Dr. David Marshall talks about heat illness and how to prevent it.

How Do You Treat Dehydration

Dr. Ranj Singh of National Health Services talks about dehydration, its causes, its symptoms in children and elderly, and its possible ... tags: causesdehydrationdiarrheafluidshomeofsymptoms

Athletes and Heat

Though death from overheating in youth sports isn't common, it is still a possibility. Mayo Clinic doctors discuss ways to keep athletes on ... tags: athleteathletescollegedehydrationdoctorheathydration

How To Drink When You're Having Trouble Swallowing

Swallowing troubles can be more than an inconvenience. If you can't swallow well enough to drink, you could quickly dehydrate and run into ... tags: dehydrationdiseasedrinkdrinkingdysphagiaesophagusParkinsons

Raw Video: Libyans Die at Sea

The Italian coast guard rescues 300 migrants fleeing Libya but several of the passengers died of hunger and dehydration during the ... tags: dehydrationItalyLibyalibyanmigrantrevolution

Rolling Stones perform in Paris, Lil Wayne released from hospital

The Rolling Stones gave a surprise performance to 600 fans in France. The group took the stage in Paris for a 75 show. The concert comes ... tags: andBobdehydrationheadlineshomelessincludingLil