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Climate Protection in Russia | Global 3000

The Bikin Valley is the last real wilderness in Russia's far east. It's a key region for the earth's climate, not only as a habitat for ... tags: 3000BikinClimatedeforestationDeutscheDW-TVforest

Climate: Tanzania fights deforestation | Global 3000

Tanzania loses more than 400,000 hectares of forest through deforestation and fires every year. The Uluguru Mountains are part of the ... tags: ClimatedeforestationDeutscheDW-TVforestGermanyReforestation

Vietnam: deforestation and climate change | Global 3000

Vietnam is one of the world's leading exporters of shrimps. But the industry is exacting a high price. Mangrove forests have been ... tags: 3000changeclimatedeforestationDeutscheDW-TVfarms

The Amazon - A Sanctuary Against Deforestation | Global 3000

Almost half of all green house gas emissions in Brazil can be traced back to large-scale deforestation of the Amazon. Cattle farming, soy ... tags: 3000AmazonAreasBrazilconservationdeforestationDeutsche

The Deforestation of the World | Global 3000

Each year some 15 million hectares of woodland disappear from the face of the planet. That's an area roughly three times the size of ... tags: 3000CountDeforestationDeutscheDW-TVforestGlobal

Stemming mountain-forest loss in Rwanda | Global 3000

Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. More than ten million people live in an area the size as the German state ... tags: 3000cloudCulturedeforestationDeutscheDW-TVEconomics

Preserving the primeval | Video of the day

The Russian republic of Komi, just west of the Ural Mountains, is home to some of Europe's last old-growth forests. The timber industry ... tags: borealcarbonchangeclimatedaydeforestationDeutsche

Climate: Forest conservation in Komi, Russia | Global 3000

Much of the world's boreal forests grow in northwestern Russia. They exist only in the northern hemisphere and play a major role in the ... tags: 3000borealcarbonchangeclimateCulturedeforestation

Climate: Deforestation in Costa Rica | Global 3000

Although Costa Rica only covers 0.003 of the planets land, it is home to 5 of the worlds animal and plant species. That diversity has come ... tags: 3000ClimateCostaCultureDeforestationDeutscheDW-TV

The Amazon: Protecting the Rain Forests | Global 3000

Deforestation of the Amazon region is responsible for almost half of carbon emissions in Brazil. Agriculture, road works and settlements ... tags: 3000AmazonBrazilcarbonCultureDeforestationDeutsche

The High Cost of Paraguay's Economic Upswing | Global 3000

Alberto Yanosky is the head of the NGO Guyra Paraguay. Since 1997, the environmental organization has led the struggle to protect the ... tags: Alberto_Yanoskydeforestationdeutsche_welleDying_Forestenvironmentglobalizationglobal_3000

Norway, UK, U.S. Allocate $280 Mln To Stop Deforestation

The governments of Norway, Britain and the United States on Wednesday said they will allocate 280 million of their multi-billion dollar ... tags: andCarbon_financeDeforestationDegradationEmissions_reductionEnvironment_Newsfrom