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Top 5 Fishing Fails | #JukinTop5

Been enjoying some fishing this summer Well it's not relaxing for everybody. In fact some fisherman have some downright fails. SUBSCRIBE ... tags: boatsdeep_seafailfallfishfishingfunny

Retro Spot - Playmates Earthworm Jim in Special Deep sea Mission Suit

On today's Spot, we'll be having a look at the Playmates Earthworm Jim in Special Deep sea Mission SuitThe Review Spot's Music provided by ... tags: DeepseaEarthworkJimMissionPlaymatesRetroSpecial

LAPDD Fichiers WAD - Niveau 3 / Niveau Bonus

Dans cette vido, je vous fait dcouvrir les niveaux 3 et bonus, comme si vous tiez la place de Luigi.--------------------Disponible en ... tags: bonusdeepseadoomfichierslapddluigimp3

LAPDD Fichiers WAD - Niveau 1 / Niveau 2

Salut tous Voici la dernire cration de la VRD Prod faire les niveaux de Luigi au pays de DOOM dans le jeu DOOM plus exactement dans TNT. ... tags: camtasiadeepseadoomfichierslapddluigimp3

Ghostly Yeti Crab Swarms Discovered Near Antarctica

For the first time, scientists have observed and filmed animals, including a fuzzy new species of crab, swarming hot volcanic vents near ... tags: abominableanimalsAntarcticacrabsdeep-seadiscoverdiscovery

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer: Mid-Cayman Rise 2011, Chemosynthetic Life in Atlantic waters 8/9/2011

The 'moment of discovery' -- The site where 'chemosynthetic' shrimp and tubeworms were observed together for what scientists believe is the ... tags: Aliens From The DeepBob BallardChemosynthetic Lifedeep-seaenvironmenthydrothermal ventlimpet

Clearing the Maritime Highways

The worlds maritime highways require constant maintenance by powerful diggers and dredgers. Meet the huge suction draggers spewing silt, ... tags: boatsdeep-seadiggersdiversdivingdredgersdrilling

Exploring Extreme Depths

Deep below the surface of the ocean an amazing new generation of powerful machines is hard at work. They carry dream pioneers to the bottom ... tags: deep-seadiversdivingdrillingexplorationfishgas

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer: Galápagos Rift, New Hydrothermal Vent Discovered 7/23/2011

Nine ROV dives into the Galapgos Rift 2011 Expedition, the science team finally discovered the type of hydrothermal vent community they had ... tags: Aliens From The Deep Bob Ballard environment Galapagos galapagos islands Galpagos Galpagos Rift