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Debt Videos - 3 by Popular

Warren Buffett: U.S. flirtation with default was "absolutely madness"

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett tells 'CBS This Morning' anchor Charlie Rose it was 'unconscionable' for Congress to worry the American ...

FTN Page 2: October 20

Miss the half of the show Catch analysis from Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics. Plus, a panel of experts.

Economist: Continued brinksmanship very damaging

Economist Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics says lawmakers should stop playing games with the budget and the debt ceiling.

Alan Greenspan: The economy's rockstar

Alan Greenspan worked with four presidents during his 18-year tenure as chairman of the Federal Reserve, and the recent financial crisis ...

US debt crisis infuriates China

Chinas Foreign Ministry has welcomed Americas action to lift its debt ceiling, although the countrys state-controlled media say the damage ...

Shutdown takes toll on US economy

The effect of a government shutdown that lasted longer than three business weeks is being measured to understand the amount of damage ...

Modi sunk Gujarat in debt - Digvijay

Modi sunk Gujarat in debt - Digvijay

US averts debt default temporarily

A new deal passed through both houses of Congress just hours before a deadline where the US would default on its debt. It reopens the US ...

Deal! Senate agrees on debt ceiling to end shutdown

Deal Senate agrees on debt ceiling to end shutdown

Boehner, post-shutdown fight: How will he fare?

10/17/13 Executive Washington Editor Steve Chaggaris talks with RealClearPolitics Political Reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns about what the ...

Hit Hard by Shutdown: Vets run on fumes amid US budget brawl

An unprecedented, global economic calamity could be just hours away. It hinges now on those who sparked the crisis - US lawmakers, ...

BUSINESS DAILY - Default avoided but problem deferred

The US Congress has done a deal to end the crisis over the partial government shutdown and the debt ceiling, but it could just be deferring ...