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UK Study: The Digital Age May Be Causing Mass Hearing Loss

A group of researchers in the UK called the Medical Research Council is conducting a study on mass hearing loss as a result of mp3 players ... tags: deafdeafnessdigital_ageheadphoneshearing_lossipodmp3_players

Talk: Breaking the Silence - with hearing devices | Tomorrow Today

Our studio guest is Prof. Dirk Mrbe, who heads the Saxonian Cochlear Implant Center. Long-term hearing loss and deafness are conditions ...

Personal Audio Devices and Hearing

With iPods and other personal audio devices becoming ever more common, it is increasingly important for users to maintain safe volume ... tags: aidaudiologydeafnessearshearinglisteningloss

Hearing Loss Warning: Turn Down the Volume

Some audiologists want legislated limits on the volume of portable music players to help prevent hearing loss, the CBC's Theresa Lalonde ... tags: audiologistdeafnessearphonesearshearinglossvolume

3-year-old hears dad for first time

A 3-year-old hears his fathers voice for the first time, thanks to a new type of hearing device. tags: aidChildDeafnessHearingVoice

Risk factors for liver cancer; On track to HIV Vaccine; Genetic cause of deafness (Video)

January 4, 2012 - InsidermedicineFrom Minnesota, researchers at the Mayo Clinic have identified that liver scarring associated with ... tags: cancer;causedeafnessfactorsforGeneticHIV

Mitochondrial DNA Defects Cause Deafness

A Yale study reveals the pathway by which mitochondrial DNA defects cause maternally-inherited deafness. The study may also open the way to ... tags: Cell (Journal)Cellsdeafnessdeoxyribonucleic acidDNAgeneticgenetics

Pediatrics for Parents Show 87 - Dr. Todd Houston discusses deafness and the latest in treatment

Dr. Todd Houston, an expert in the field of hearing loss and audiology, discusses deafness, newborn hearing screening, cochlear implants, ... tags: cochleacochleardeafnessHealthhearingimplantsloss

Sin, Sickness, And Evil Spirits: How To Avoid The Blame Game

Can sickness be a result of sin Is disease or dysfunction in your body sometimes brought on by evil spirits If this is the case, does it ... tags: anoint Apostles bad breath Bible blindn degenerative disease

Faith For Healing: How Much Is Enough?

How does your faith factor into your healing Is it because you don't have 'enough' faith that you haven't received the healing you've been ... tags: anxiety Bible blindness deafness demoniac demons disease