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Awkward TV Moments: Californication 6

On a show about one of the sauvest dudes in television history, I suppose we inevitably need a fall guy. And few fall harder than Charlie ...

David Duchovny Won't Let Gillian Anderson Appear On 'Californication'

David Duchovny won't let Gillian Anderson appear on 'Californication'

Sly Stallone, Other Stars Charge Tons of Money for Autographs at NY Comic Con

If youre hunting for autographs at the New York Comic-Con, you better stop by the ATM. Sylvester Stallone is there promoting his new film ...

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson want more X Files

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson got together at a panel for X Files fans in New York on Saturday, to mark the 20th Anniversary of the ...

The Truth Is Out There About Third 'X Files' Fil

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson debate Mulder and Scully's marital status and discuss the desire to do a third 'X Files' movie at the ...

Sundance Film Festival - David Duchovny & Christopher Neil on “Goats”

Vanity Fairsenior West Coast editor Krista Smith sat down with the biggest stars of Sundance 2012.

Earth To...

Zoolander 2001 - Earth To... - Derek Ben Stiller and Hansel Owen Wilson define the 8220Earth To8221 phrase to Matilda Christine Taylor. tags: Alexander_SkarsgårdAlexandre_ManningAlexa_NikolasAmerican_DesignerAmy_StillerAndy_DickAsio_Highsmith

Computer Experts

Zoolander 2001 - Computer Experts - Zoolander Ben Stiller and Hansel Owen Wilson fail in their attempts to figure out a computer. tags: Alexander_SkarsgårdAlexandre_ManningAlexa_NikolasAmerican_DesignerAmy_StillerAndy_DickAsio_Highsmith

I'm Not Your Brah

Zoolander 2001 - I'm Not Your Brah - Zoolander Ben Stiller runs into Hansel Owen Wilson at a club and challenges him to a walk off. tags: Alexander_SkarsgårdAlexandre_ManningAlexa_NikolasAmerican_DesignerAmy_StillerAndy_DickAsio_Highsmith

Walk Off

Zoolander 2001 - Walk Off - Zoolander Ben Stiller attempts to copy the underwear removal move performed by Hansel Owen Wilson. tags: Alexander_SkarsgårdAlexandre_ManningAlexa_NikolasAmerican_DesignerAmy_StillerAndy_DickAsio_Highsmith

You're Dead to Me

Zoolander 2001 - You're Dead to Me - Zoolander Ben Stiller visits his family in coal mining country, but his father Jon Voight mocks his ... tags: Alexander_SkarsgårdAlexandre_ManningAlexa_NikolasAmerican_DesignerAmy_StillerAndy_DickAsio_Highsmith

The World's Greatest Hand Model

Zoolander 2001 - The World's Greatest Hand Model - Former hand model Prewitt David Duchovny explains to Zoolander Ben Stiller and Matlida ... tags: Alexander_SkarsgårdAlexandre_ManningAlexa_NikolasAmerican_DesignerAmy_StillerAndy_DickAsio_Highsmith