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Daredevil highliners walk line between the French Alps

Two of the world's most-skilled highliners, Julien Millot and Tancrede Melet, walked a line on the Vanoise Express cable car in the French ... tags: alpscable_carchampagnychampagny_en_vanoisedaredevilfrench_alpshighliner

Daredevil -Waterfall - Death-Defying Stunt - 2013

Daredevil Leaps Off Waterfall In Death-Defying Stunt SUBSCRIBE TWO extreme sports professionals take a leap of faith as they plunge ... tags: actionDaredevilDeath-DefyingextremeriderssportsStunt

Daredevil Leaps Over Waterfall In Death-Defying Stunt

TWOextreme sports professionalstake a leap of faith as theyplunge headfirst down a 75ft waterfall.White water kayaker Ben Marrand skier ... tags: BoatdangerousdaredevilflyGoProjumpkayak

Ben Affleck Reveals Movie Made with Wife 'Kills Him'

Alright, we all know Ben Affleck regrets making that unmentionable film with JLo, but we've never heard him say he regrets the one he did ... tags: affleckbenben_affleckben_affleck_interview_with_playboyben_affleck_regrets_making_daredevildaredevilgarner

Ben Affleck gesteht: Filme mit seiner Frau waren mies

Ben Affleck hat gestanden Die beiden Filme, die er mit seiner Frau Jennifer Garner gemacht hat, sind seine schlechtesten. Das und noch mehr ... tags: Ben_AffleckDaredevilFilmeJennifer_GarnerPearl_Harborzoomin

Paul Walker's Dad Reveals Their Cryptic Last Conversation

Wed like to lay the Paul Walker news to rest, but interestingly enough, Pauls own father seems to be giving a lot of interviews about his ... tags: daddaredevildoingpaul_walker_dad_interviewpromisedsaysstephanie_bauer

Ben Affleck Slams His 2003 'Daredevil' Movie

Ben Affleck slams his former film, Daredevil, and explains why he's motivated to make his role in Batman that much better. tags: Batman_Versus_SupermanBen_AffleckcelebrityDaredevilJennifer_GarnerSplash_Newssucks

Miley Cyrus loves the Ganja!

Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, and More at the EMAs Scientology caused Tom and Katies Divorce Marvel Goes to Netflix Bill Cosby is Back

Marvel Developing 4 Original Superhero Series For Netflix

Netflix announced Thursday Marvel will create four original superhero series for the streaming service. Starting in 2015, each series will ...

MARVEL Daredevil Spiderman Sony and Fox

WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE Mail Bag Question Mark C writes Hey guys, big fan now straight to the question - We know that Sony and Fox own the ...

Russian daredevil performs death-defying gym routines

Russian risk-taker Alexander Rusinov performs handstand press-ups on the edges of skyscrapers and somersaulting between rooftops.