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Taking Out the Trash

Halloween 2 2009 - Taking Out the Trash - Howard Jeffrey Daniel Phillipsnbsphas a run in with Michael Myers Tyler Mane behind a strip club. tags: Angela_TrimburAnnie_BrackettBarbara_CollierBetsy_RueBrad_DourifBrea_GrantBuddy_the_Night_Watchman

The Devil Walks Among Us

Halloween 2 2009 - The Devil Walks Among Us - Loomis Malcolm McDowell holds a book signing in Haddonfield one year after Michael Myers ... tags: Angela_TrimburAnnie_BrackettBarbara_CollierBetsy_RueBrad_DourifBrea_GrantBuddy_the_Night_Watchman

Big Joe Grizzly

Halloween 2007 - Big Joe Grizzly - Michael Myers Tyler Mane rudely interrupts Big Joe Grizzly Ken Foree during his bathroom break.nbsp tags: Adam_WeismanAnnie_BrackettBig_Joe_GrizzlyBill_MoseleyBob_SimmsBrad_DourifChester_Chesterfield

TCB, Baby!

Bubba Ho-tep 2002 - TCB, Baby - Elvis Bruce Campbell battles Ho-tep in one last confrontation. tags: Bob_IvyBruce_CampbellBubba_Ho-TepCean_OkadaDaniel_RoebuckDon_CoscarelliEdith_Jefferson

Soul Robbin'

Bubba Ho-tep 2002 - Soul Robbin' - As Elvis Bruce Campbell and Jack Ossie Davis discuss the purpose of Hotep8217s existence, they are paid ... tags: Bob_IvyBruce_CampbellBubba_Ho-TepCean_OkadaDaniel_RoebuckDon_CoscarelliEdith_Jefferson

The Writing on the Wall

Bubba Ho-tep 2002 - The Writing on the Wall - Jack Ossie Davis, who thinks he8217s JFK, shows Elvis Bruce Campbell the mysterious Egyptian ... tags: Bob_IvyBruce_CampbellBubba_Ho-TepCean_OkadaDaniel_RoebuckDon_CoscarelliEdith_Jefferson

Time to Be a Hero

Bubba Ho-tep 2002 - Time to Be a Hero - After learning about how threatening the mummy Ho-tep really is, a downtrodden and defeated Elvis ... tags: Bob_IvyBruce_CampbellBubba_Ho-TepCean_OkadaDaniel_RoebuckDon_CoscarelliEdith_Jefferson

One Last Question

Bubba Ho-tep 2002 - One Last Question - As they prepare to fight the mummy, Elvis Bruce Campbell asks Jack Ossie Davis one very important ... tags: Bob_IvyBruce_CampbellBubba_Ho-TepCean_OkadaDaniel_RoebuckDon_CoscarelliEdith_Jefferson

Playing Elvis

Bubba Ho-tep 2002 - Playing Elvis - Pretending to be Haff, his professional impersonator, Elvis Bruce Campbell reminisces about the glory ... tags: Bob_IvyBruce_CampbellBubba_Ho-TepCean_OkadaDaniel_RoebuckDon_CoscarelliEdith_Jefferson

Bubba Ho-tep - Trailer #1

Bubba Ho-tep 2002 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Don Coscarelli and starring Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis, Bob Ivy, Larry Pennell, Reggie ... tags: Bob_IvyBruce_CampbellBubba_Ho-TepCean_OkadaDaniel_RoebuckDon_CoscarelliEdith_Jefferson

You Undead Sack of S***

Bubba Ho-tep 2002 - You Undead Sack of S - Elvis Bruce Campbell and Jack Ossie Davis tag team Ho-tep and light the mummy on fire. tags: Bob_IvyBruce_CampbellBubba_Ho-TepCean_OkadaDaniel_RoebuckDon_CoscarelliEdith_Jefferson

No Sense of Nothing, Man

River's Edge 1986 - No Sense of Nothing, Man - Layne Crispin Glover and John Daniel Roebuck find the police waiting at John8217s house. tags: ClarissaCrispin_GloverDaniel_RoebuckDanyi_DeatsDennis_HopperIone_SkyeJim_Metzler