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Daiichi Videos - 6 by Popular

Nuclear Worries Deepen, Emperor Akihito Gives Address

Japan's struggle to contain the threat of meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has grown more desperate. Emperor Akihito has ... tags: daiichiearthquakefukushimainjapanjapanesenuclear

Japan - Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex - Staff pull ...

Japan - Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex - Rising radiation forced emergency workers to withdraw from the nuclear plant where they had ... tags: complexDai-ichiFRANCEFukushimaJapannuclearout

Emperor Akihito Urges Calm, Nuclear Disaster Continues

Japanese Emperor Akihito has made a televised address to express his concern, but advised calm amid confusion about a possible nuclear ... tags: daiichiearthquakefukushimainjapanjapanesenuclear

Canadian Rescue Team Leaves Japan Over Nuclear Threat

The unstable nuclear threat in Japan has forced a Canadian Medical Assistance Team from British Columbia to return home, just three days ... tags: Canadadaiichiearthquakefukushimainjapanjapanese

Fukushima Daiichi : priorité au refroidissement des...

La pression augmente dangereusement dans le racteur n3 de la centrale nuclaire japonaise de Fukushima Daiichi ce jeudi. Les hlicoptre de ... tags: DaiichidesEnergieeuronewsFukushimaJaponnucléaire

Water Canons to Join Helicopters in Cooling Down Reactor

The Japanese military helicopters dumping loads of seawater onto a stricken nuclear complex will soon be joined by water cannons on the ... tags: daiichidisastersearthquakefukushimajapaneseradiationreactor

Nuclear Fears Drive Chinese Rush on Table Salt

Nuclear fears in Japan have sparked a run on common salt in China, fueled by rumors that salt with iodine can offer protection against ... tags: daiichiearthquakefukushimahoardinginjapanjapanese

Japan - Japanese military dumps water on stricken reactor

Japan - Japan's military began a new attempt Thursday to dump water on the stricken reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi plant while operators ... tags: coolingDaiichidumpsfranceFukushimaJapanJapanese

Israeli Scientist Points to Plutonium Danger at Fukushima

Israeli professor Uzi Even says the presence of plutonium in the reactors at Japans damaged Fukushima plant is a major cause of ... tags: daiichiearthquakefukushimainjapanjapanesenuclear

Nuclear Expert Tells What Exactly is Happening at Fukushima

Arnold Gundersen, a former nuclear plant engineer, who testified at the Three Mile Island investigation breaks down the situation for the ... tags: daiichifukushimajapanesemeltdownnuclearplantpower

Japanese Forces Deliver Aid as Radiation Threat Grows

As Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force has been delivering vital supplies to areas hit by the earthquake and tsunami, radiation levels on ... tags: daiichidisastersearthquakeeffortsfukushimajapaneserelief

Japan Raises Nuclear Accident Rating from 4 to 5

Japan's nuclear safety agency has raised the rating of the country's nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi complex from four to five on ... tags: daiichidisastersearthquakeeffortsfukushimajapaneserelief