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Daiichi Videos - 5 by Popular

Japan: Third blast strikes nuclear plant

An explosion early on Tuesday morning damaged the No. 2 reactor at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, the third in a series ... tags: coastlineDaiichiFukushimainJapannorthernNuclear

Understanding What Went Wrong At the Fukushima Plant

CBC's science correspondent Bob McDonald walks us through what has already gone wrong in Japan, and how bad it could still get.Powered by ... tags: daiichiearthquakefukushimainjapannuclearplant

Japan's Stoic Response to Natural Disaster

In a region plagued by extreme weather and natural disasters such as the recent earthquake and tsunami, Japan's people are famous for their ... tags: daiichidisasterfukushimajapaneseKanNaotonatural

Nuclear Experts: Japanese Explosions No Threat to Canada

Canadians on the West Coast are becoming more concerned about potential radioactive contamination after authorities in Japan raced to ... tags: daiichiearthquakefukushimainjapanKanNaoto

People Flee Russia's Sakhalin Amid Japan Radiation Fears

Many people, mainly foreign nationals, are trying to leave Sakhalin island in Russias Far East, amid fears that radiation could spread from ... tags: daiichiearthquakeexplosionfukushimainjapannuclear

Fukushima Plant Poses Serious Contamination Risk

Nuclear historian Christopher Simons says the Fukushima nuclear power plant faces a serious risk of contamination, but that the danger will ... tags: daiichiearthquakefukushimainjapanKanNaoto

Is Japan Failing to Inform Public on Radiation Threat?

Nuclear historian Dr. Robert Jacobs says Japan is failing to provide accurate information on the situation at the damaged Fukushima nuclear ... tags: atomicdaiichifukushimajacobsnuclearofplant

RT Correspondent: Japan Prepares for Nuclear Catastrophe

An RT correspondent in Japan says people living near the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant are fleeing the area or stocking up on supplies, ... tags: daiichiearthquakefukushimainjapanKanNaoto

Another Explosion at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

There is a 'high risk' that more radioactive material will be released as workers struggle to prevent further explosions and leaks at the ... tags: daiichiearthquakefukushimainjapanKanNaoto

Tokyo Juggles Informing Public, Containing Crisis

In the wake of Friday's earthquake, Japan's government has struggled to keep a balance between updating the public on the latest ... tags: daiichidisastersearthquakefukushimajapaneseradiationreactor

The Science of Japan's Nuclear Threat

With the explosion at a third reactor at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant, an radiation leak has caused panic and pushed ... tags: daiichiearthquakefukushimainjapanKanNaoto

Thousands Flee Area Around Fukushima Power Plant

Explosions at Japan's Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant have sparked an exodus from the area. As officials have called on civilians to ... tags: daiichidisastersearthquakefukushimajapaneseradiationreactor