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Kitten Wants Alone Time In Owner's Sweater!

Tom, a 4-month-old kitten, just wants some alone time inside of his owner's sweater. Must be comfortable in there tags: cat_videocute_kittenfunny_videokitten_hide_sweaterkitten_sweater

Determined Kitten Attacks Plastic Bag!

How cute is this A cautious kitten adorably goes into attack mode against a plastic bag tags: cat_attacks_bagcat_videocute_kittenfunny_videokitten_attacks_bag

Slow Motion Kitten

Is there anything cuter than kittens playing Yes, yes there is Kittens playing in slow motion thanks to the wonders of technology. Here, ... tags: CatsCute_KitteniphoneIphone_Slo-moKittensroarStoryful

Cute Kitten Playing Around!

If you're looking for a cute kitten moment to warm you heart, look no further tags: cute_kittencute_videofunny_videokittenkitten_playingplaying_kitten

Miracle kitten loves to kiss owner's face

The bond between people and their pets can be a strong one, but one pet loves her owner so much, she likes to sleep and kiss near her face. ... tags: CatsCute_KittenCute_Kittykissing_catMiracle_catplayful_catStoryful

Kitten Refuses to Leave Warm Bath!! So Cute!!

This kitten don't want to leave warm bath.... And we can understand why seeing him having so much pleasure in it

Cute kitten playing with owner's hand!! So funny!!

This cute kitten is playing with his owner's hand... He follows all the movements, and even freeze when the hand goes away

Cute cat sticking out his tongue!!

look at this cute cat Sticking Out his Tongue, look's like he's stuck LOL

Overprotective Cat Keeps Man's Arm Inside

This adorable kitten just won't let his owner hang his arm out the window The little guy just brings it back inside

Jason Scott's Cat- Sockington on twitter

DownloadFor ROFLthing 2009 We tracked down Jason Scott and talked about his cat, Sockington, who updates two to three times a day on ... tags: catcute_kittenentertainingEntertainmentfunnyNews_PoliticsSociety_Culture