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Cube4You Fully Functional 3x3x4 Unboxing

cube4you c4y 3x3x4 fully functional lightake unboxing package puzzle cubing cube rpkgamevids talking narration commentary british brit ... tags: 3x3x4c4ycube4youcubingfully_functionalpackagerpkgamevids

YJ 3x3 Apple Unboxing

rpkgamevids talking commentary narration brit british english england britain uk apple yj yongjun cube puzzle twisty cubing tags: applecommentarycubecubingpuzzlerpkgamevidstalking

Champions Cube Store Unboxing: Ayi's 3-Layer Cheese Puzzle And Some Puzzle Stands

champions cube store twisty puzzle cubing cube 3-layer cheese stands holders rpkgamevids talking commentary narration brit british english ... tags: cheesecubecubinglayerpuzzlerpkgamevidstwisty

Lightake & ebay Packages (Diansheng Hex Prism/Modun & Ghost Hand Master Magic)

package diansheng hex ds prism ghosthand ghost hand master magic cubing twisty puzzle rpkgamevids talking commentary narration brit british ... tags: cubingdianshengGhost_Handhexmaster_magicpackagePRISM

Rubik's cube resolu en 2min 20 scd

je m'amlioreje passe en dessous des 3 min a l'aise en seulement 1 moi de joujou.

Official Best 3x3 (sub-12) and 4x4 (sub-1) Solves

Done at Indiana 2011. The Cubes were a Dayan ZhanChi 3x3 and a Dayan+Mf84x4 If anyone asks tell them it's the Q-Cube 3 and 4. Yeah I have a ... tags: 2011 3x3 4x4 best competition cubing single

Dayton Open 2011 Mini-Montage

I got no spectacular footage of my solves at Dayton, but I got some other interesting stuff. Appearing Anthony Brooks, Mike Hughey Mah ... tags: 2011 anthony brooks competition cube cubing dayton

‪No Cubing for a Month!‬

Wooo cubing again Owww my hands. ScrambleMe the Follow me on Google+... and twitter My website ... tags: app cube cubing for ios month no

My Best Official Average of 5 (Sub-15)

3x3 Dayan ZhanChi. Done at the Canadian Open 2011, thanks to Sarah again for letting me use the tripod. I practiced all summer long for an ... tags: 2011 average best canada competition cube cubing

ShengShou 5x5 Unboxing and Review

Now with all audio included My pronunciation of 'ShengShou' is inconsistent, if anyone hears me say it right please give the time in your ... tags: 5x5 cube cubing ghosthand review reviews solve

OH average of 5: 28.48 or: Average of Fails.

One fail after another in my opinion starting with the camera angle. But hey, decent average for OH I just know I can do a lot better, ... tags: 3x3 average cubing fail handed of OH