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Bigfoot Encounter - Bigfoot Shot - Exclusive! Never Told Until Now!

This is a Crypto Crew Exclusive c2013 This is a phone interview with a man who encounter 2 bigfoots and shot one of them. It is an amazing ... tags: bigfootcryptozoologyinterviewsasquatchsightingsyeti

Letcher County Bigfoot Witness Interview

The Crypto Crew Interview Series - Interview with Jonathan Isom 12/4/13 Letcher county, KY bigfoot sightings. This is an interview I ... tags: bigfootcryptozoologyCrypto_CrewinterviewKentuckysasquatchsquatch

Bigfoot Witness Interview and Area Investigation

Bigfoot Sighting Witness Interview and Area Investigation. Sighting took place on 9/28/13 very close to my home. I will continue to check ... tags: bigfootCryptozoologyinterviewKentuckysasquatchsquatchThe_Crypto_Crew

Shooting Bigfoot Director Morgan Matthew interview

This is an interview with the director of the film Shooting Bigfoot. The film and story surrounding it is that a bigfoot was killed and it ... tags: bigfootCryptozoologydead_bigfootHoaxMorgan_MatthewsRick_Dyersasquatch

1957 Radio Interview with Rene Dahinden

Rene Dahinden and his wife interviewed by Nyra Groves on March 21, 1957. This interview sounds really scripted but still interesting from a ... tags: BigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewFinding_BigfootRené_DahindensasquatchSquatch

Dax gets Reply to Tree Knock

TCC's Dax Rushlow gets a possible reply to his tree knock. I have enhanced the audio. Thanks tags: bigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewDax_RushlowsasquatchSquatchtree_knock

Texas Man Says He Shot Two Bigfoots!

This is from the old Art Bell show - A man claims to have killed 2 bigfoots and hide the bodies. Thanks tags: Art_BellbigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewsasquatchShooting_BigfootSquatch

Wisconsin Sasquatch breakdown

Bigfoot in Wisconsin - I have attempted to enhance the video and think I have proven it to be a fake. Thanks tags: BigfootcreatureCryptozoologycrypto_crewHoaxreal_or_fakesasquatch

Field work on possible bigfoot Track

TCC's Bobby Longdoes some field work concerning possible Bigfoot tracks. The possible track photo was taken on 3/9/13. Thanks tags: BigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewsasquatch

The Crypto Show - Bigdog Mendoza

The Crypto Show with special guest Felipe Mendoza Aka Bigdog. He gives a very good and entertaining account of his encounter. I hope you ... tags: Bigdog_MendozabigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewReportsasquatchSighting

The Adventures of The Crypto Crew - Search for Evidence

The Adventures of The Crypto Crew Ep. 1 - Search for Evidence Where the jokes are funny and the research is Real. In this episode the Crew ... tags: bigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewResearchsasquatchSquatchYeti

Bigfoot Field Work video with Jason Morse

The Crypto Crew's Jason Morse does some research work out in the field. Several interesting fines,possible tree knocks and more during the ... tags: bigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewJason_MorseresearchsasquatchSquatch