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What's With This 'Crop Circle' In California?

CalI it a crop circle, or call it a hoax. The elaborate design was in the middle of a barley field in southern California. tags: aliens_californiacalifornia_crop_circlecrop_circlenewsysalinas_crop_circleworld_news

Mysterious California crop circle plowed under

Farmer Scott Anthony, of King City, was out of town on vacation when the crop circle appeared in his Chualar field. It's now gone. tags: CaliforniaChualarcirclescropsCrop_CircleksbwSalinas

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet performing live at Metro Theatre, Sydney from September 2009. tags: Crop_CircleDopes_To_InfinityLive_Events_and_SpecialsMetro_TheatreNegasonic_TeenagePowertripRadiation_Day

Two Suns in the sunset / ORIGINAL AUG 23 2010 UK

As I filmed the sunset It became quite clear that this was no ordinary sunset because there appears to be 2 suns setting, Is this Niburu, ... tags: 9_11aliensalien_invasionanimal_testingApocalypsebig_brotherBugs

Voice Farm - Alien Welcome

Voice Farm's extraordinary Alien invites you into theirOfficial Portal.The question is, are you readyAre you ready to take advantage of ... tags: AlienalternativeComedycrop-circleelectronicfilmparody

Quite Interesting Crop Circle and "The Other Side" - tv FEM

Norwegian film-crew stumbles uppon a fresh crop cicle in Wiltshire. Watch teh spiritual ecstasy unfold.. HilariousFYI The crop circle is ... tags: Crop_CircleDen_Andre_SidenEntertainmentGro-Helen_TørumKornsirklerQuite_InterestingTV_FEM

Extraordinary performance in the field: New Holland New T8 & T9 tractors

Unknown location. Extraordinary Performance in the field. The first sequences of the New Holland New T8 and T9 tractors at work in the ... tags: 2010agricultureautocommandautoguidancebreathabilityCanadacode

UFO Activity over Crop Circle: East Field, UK - August 2010

Crop Circle UFO Rising From Hill - East Field nr Alton Barnes - 2 August 2010 editedOriginal footage by quotPhoenixTheKnightquot by me- ... tags: 2010ActivityAlton_BarnesAugustCrop_CircleDaytimeEast_Field

Haunted Ranch

PRS saddles up to a remote ranch in Hunt, Texas where black shadows are being spotted and animals harmed. What's more, a mysterious crop ... tags: aeanimals_harmedblack_shadowscrop_circleDocumentary_and_BiographyformedHaunted_Ranch_(#25)

Most Complex Mind Boggling Cropcircle

The most complex, quotmind-bogglingquot crop circle ever to be seen in Britain has been discovered in a barley field in Wiltshire.The ... tags: alienBritaincropcircleextraterrestialgeometrymathematicssacred

Trailer - New Crop Circles Documentary Feature

Fri, 06 Nov 2009 115242 -0800 'What On Earth Inside the Crop Circle Mystery' explores the phenomenon of crop circles as it relates to ... tags: alienalienscirclecirclesconnectorcropcropcircle

Standing with Stones DVD trailer - an amazing journey through megalithic Britain & Ireland

Standing with Stones is a remarkable and unprecedented documentary film that takes the viewer beyond Stonehenge on an incredible journey of ... tags: ancientancient_historyancient_worldarchaeologyAveburybronze_ageCallanish